Essential Embellishments For Every Groom’s Attire

It is absolutely important for every groom to find the perfect attire for their wedding. But most of the dresses for grooms are really simple and require many embellishments to add to the look to compete with the beautiful bridal attire.

Here we bring you some great choices in the groom’s accessories that are necessary to lift up the look. We’re quite sure that when you are out there finalizing the top groom wear in Pune, the below-mentioned tips will really come in handy.


Today a boutonniere is considered just an accessory to embellish the attire of the groom, but in the medieval times, women admirer used to gift the single men a token of affection, in the form of a scarf or a flower. The colour of the gift was always the same as the colour that the women wore. Thus it was known as ‘wearing the women’s colours’ and whenever the knights stepped in battle, it showed that they are supported by a lady who adores him.

Due to this amazing piece of history, we really recommend you to wear a great and embellishing boutonniere that matches the colours of the dress worn by the bride.


A tie is one of the most important accessories for any groom. There is no rulebook when it comes to selecting a great looking tie for your wedding that goes well with the wedding dresses for men. It is not just another piece of cloth but will help you look elegant and classic.

There are various factors like the colour of shirt that you’re wearing, the season in which you’re getting married and others that’ll affect the choice of a tie that’ll look perfect.

Yes, choosing the colour of the tie is important but so is the pattern. You can select from the patterns like the checkered, dots, lines and many others.

Pocket Square

Matching the pocket square with the tie is relatively an old rule according to which the patterns of the pocket square should match the patterns of the tie. And the colour of the pocket square must be in contrast to the colour of the tie.

When choosing the colours of the tie and the pocket square, you can consider buying the shades that are exactly opposite each other on the colour wheel. This will create a really great contrast.

However, if you want to ditch that and go for a modern look, then you can team up your black or grey suits with tonal monochrome shades. While a vibrant red pocket square will be a perfect combination with a blue suit.


A cufflink is an accessory that is used to fasten the two sides of the cuffs of a man’s shirt or a woman’s blouse. It would be perfect for you to choose a hinged-back cufflink, as they are the most secure ones in the market.

The simple rule to select the best-looking cufflinks that’ll go well with the attire is to choose the one which matches the shirt. The safest colours that you can go with when selecting the cufflinks are – Black, Silver, White& Blue as these colours are the easiest to match with the attire.

When choosing the cufflinks for your wedding attire, it would be really great if you select them as per your preference. It is your wedding, and your personal taste is of the utmost importance.

These were some of the great accessories that’ll be perfect to add to your looks on your wedding. Sporting these accessories with a well-tailored suit will create a wedding attire that is not only embellishing, but will also help you stand apart from the crowd.

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