6 Incredible Tips for Buying Your First Solar Power System


If you’re thinking of going green, then you’ve come to the right place. With the increase in awareness of environmental problems and our part in the ozone degradation, people are looking for ways of redemption. Going green is the best way to do so. Clean, renewable energy is the best way to make sure that you reduce your carbon emissions and play your part in making sure the ozone layer gets time to repair itself.

While solar power is a popular way to be more power-efficient, there are a lot of uncertainties in the minds of the people that stop them from going forward with it. Even if they do take the first step, they are in a new territory and therefore, often feel lost. Here mentioned below are six tips you should keep in mind before buying your first solar power system.

  1.     Calculate the Amount of Sun Exposure

The first thing that you should do is calculate the amount of sunlight that your house gets throughout the year. You should keep in mind the weather conditions in different seasons and make a reasonable guess. Then you should make sure that your roof isn’t covered with branches or foliage that can contribute to lower levels of energy generated.

If any part of the panel is covered, it can lead to low energy yield. Read reports on the weather conditions of the previous years and get statistical data to aid your inquiry.

  1.     Calculate the Amount of Energy That You Use

After you’ve made sure that your house gets enough sunlight throughout the year, the next thing that you should do is have a look at the appliances that you use. You should opt for more energy-efficient appliances. Once you’ve made the necessary tweaks to your home appliances, you should assess how much energy you use.

  • How many devices are used all at the same time?
  • How many hours are you going to use your AC?
  • Or, how many hours are you going to use other power-based appliances?

These are a few questions that you should know the answer to. Such information will help in determining the number of panels that you need.

  1.     Determine the Number of Panels That You Need

Once you’ve gained the above-mentioned information, the next thing that you should do is consult an expert. You should try to get an estimate regarding the number of panels that will be able to provide the required amount of energy.

While people ask this question regularly and want an answer on the spot, you should know that the number of solar panels that are installed is customized to your energy needs and the location of your house. A place that doesn’t get an ample amount of sunlight might need more panels than a house that gets more than enough sunlight every day, even if they have the same energy requirements.

  1.     Choose an Installation Company

You should remember not to go for the DIY trend while installing the solar panels. They’re expensive, and if you don’t know how to manage the harnesses, you can end up doing something wrong. If you’ve spent so much money on the panels, you should pay a few extra bucks to get them installed. All you need to do is type solar panel installation Chicago, and you’ll get all the necessary information about the nearby installation companies and service providers.

You should try to go for a company that has been recommended by someone who’s been through the experience. You wouldn’t want to find out that the company that offered you a warranty for twenty years is nowhere to be found.

  1.     Determine If You Want to Lease or Buy 

Another thing that you should decide once you’ve made your mind to go green is whether you want to buy the panels or if you want to lease them. I recommend that you buy the panels; however, if you don’t have the budget to do so, you should go for a lease. A lease will allow you to go green with hardly any money.

Buying your own panels can be costly, but it can also benefit you in more ways. You should make sure that the company you go with is reliable and has a plan that suits your needs. Like every solar panel, which is custom made to suit your needs, the lease plan should be prepared to keep in view your preferences.

  1.     Do Roof Repairs Before Installation

Make sure to analyze the condition of your roof before you get your solar panels installed. If your roof needs to be touched up in a 2-3 year time, it will cost you extra money to remove the panels and get them reinstalled after the repairs. Make sure that you keep such things in mind to avoid any accidents.

You must ensure that the places where the harnesses are going to be placed are strong and can bear the weight of the panels. There have been certain instances where the panel fell off the roof during certain weather conditions, and the insurance company didn’t pay the damages due to the condition of the roof. Make sure you take every possible measure to stay away from such problems.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips and make sure you’ve done your homework regarding the panels and the installation, you’ll surely be amazed by the difference that it makes in your electricity bills. Know that you might be a source of inspiration for the next person to go green, so make a well-informed decision. Taking this path will not only benefit you but also the environment.

I believe that not doing anything to make the environmental condition worse is not enough; you need to take active steps to make it better. With the Amazon burning and the failure of the current president to work on an environmentally-friendly policy, we need to be active participants in the reconstruction of the environmental balance. Solar power will cater to your needs and reduce the amount of energy that is created by non-renewable resources.

About the Author:

Louis Paulson is a graduate of California University and is currently working on his dream project of creating organic energy mixes. In his leisure time, he likes to write about climate change, energy, and clean tech. To read more of his blogs, you can visit http://headlinesolar.com/.




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