Diego Maradona’s Doctors Dismisses Liability Over The Legend’s Death


The world was saddened by the news of Maradona’s death on 25th November 2020. All die-hard football fans mourned throughout the world with his sudden demise.

On Wednesday, news of Maradona passing away due to a heart attack quickly took over all the news channels, dejecting all soccer fanatics. Social media was filled with condolences, tributes, and an overflowing of emotional pictures and writings dedicated to the legend-player and coach.

On the contrary, the scene behind all this misery was far from being alike. Argentine officials were on a rampage as they searched Diego’s home and investigated if there were any ulterior reasons for his death.

They went on to seize Maradona’s medical records and files from his respective doctors as part of their investigation. The search was undertaken as a direct order plus request from Buenos Aires prosecutors and had also been signed by a judge.

The former star died at the age of 60 due to an apparent heart attack, according to his doctor, Leopoldo Luque. The doctor also stated that he was in no position to be held accountable for the football mega star’s death. The law enforcement had investigated his office and home too.

Doctor Luque further established that Maradona’s had been struggling with substance abuse for years at that point. In fact, the prosecutors didn’t enlighten the common crowd of others who are immediately related to the scene as to why the investigation had begun in the first place.

The investigation began with initial statements from close relatives. According to the shreds of evidence by those statements, it was deemed necessary to request the doctor’s home and office searches.

Furthermore, Maradona’s lawyer, Matias Moria, criticized the emergency services as being too slow on the course of action and response, thus requesting a full investigation. Such claims were made as the ambulance took over half an hour to arrive.

Maradona was recovering earlier from brain surgery in Buenos Aires, where he died from a heart attack. Other than the unfortunate time overlap of the recovery and heart attack, he also had records of a series of medical disruptions due to alcohol and drug abuse.

The world of football still mourns for the deceased. It is indeed a great loss for all the fans and players.


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