A reason to smile for the UWO nursing students 


Corona pandemic has left not a single part of the world immune to its devastating effects.

However, despite the existing circumstances, UWO nursing students have the most exciting opportunity.

That follows the announcement made by president Thompson that the nursing students from the University of Wisconsin would have a chance to work with the other healthcare professionals in a real-life experience.

What made it different this time is the fact that the university students would not only walk away with valuable real-world experience but as well as $5000 tuition credit.

Judy Westphal, who is the college of nursing dean, fully affirmed that it is such a thrilling opportunity for the students to gain real-world experience as well as help in combating the pandemic

Besides UW, releasing almost 4000 nursing students to help out, they also partnered with the US government in opening new “surge testing sites.”

As of lately, the site had conducted over 55,000 tests.

Even better, nothing is left to chances, including the student’s safety.

Regent president Andrew S. Peterson confirmed that they prioritize the students alongside the communities’ safety and show gratitude to the state for actively and aggressively joining hands to combat the pandemic.




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