Dating in Your 40s: What Makes It the Worst

In our society, people believe that it is not okay if people over 35 have never been had long-term relationships. Things become even worse if those people are virgins. In this case, our society believes that those people will never find real love. Surely, this social opinion is very wrong and foolish. However, it has appeared due to some real reasons why it is harder to date after 40. Today we are not going to talk that people over 40 usually never follow trends and will never even think about searching cute relationship memes for her. But we are going to mention the most popular reasons and give you a clue on how to deal with them.

1. You have life baggage

 Often live baggage means experience. Usually, we say that experienced people are more effective in everything. So, why your experience may be a problem in dating? You see, there two types of experience: a positive and a negative one. Positive experience, without a single doubt, makes us more effective. On the other hand, the effect of your negative experience is not that obvious. Some people believe that unhealthy relationships, problems with kids, problematic divorces, and painful breakups make us stronger. But this is not always true. Surely, if one of those things has already happened in your life, it will be easier to deal with it for the second time. However, all those problems leave scars on your emotional health. Because of it, you will be way more closed and careful in new relationships. This is why your experience is not always a good thing.

2. Problems with physical health

This one is very simple. Unfortunately, no one becomes healthier with age. After 40, we, most frequently, begin to reap to fruits of our crazy teenagerhood. Surely, this doesn’t mean that you will spend the rest of your life in a hospital bed, but still, some things will be lost for you forever. Here we can only recommend you to attend doctors not only when you feel that something is wrong. But on a regular basis, just to check your health. Maybe there are some minor problems that can be fixed before they become huge ones.

3. You are less active

Here we are not only talking about physical activity. I don’t doubt that everyone understands the importance of daily exercises. In their early 20s, people sometimes are hyperactive. They always want to hang with their friend and like loud companies. Surely for them, it will be much easier to find a romantic partner. After all, they more often become around other people in a non-formal atmosphere. Well, just try to hang out with your friends more often. Also, you may try online dating.

4. Not interested in long-term relationships

Unfortunately, people in their 40s very often feel tired from romantic relationships. You see, some of them have only recovered from painful divorces. Others have never had romantic relationships because they don’t want them at all. Generally, there can be many various reasons why people in their 40s are less interested in having long-term relationships. At this point, we can only recommend you pay attention to online dating. Almost on any online dating website or in any app, you can set filters. Thus, if you are interested in long-term relationships, you will be able to avoid those who simply want to have one-night stands.

5. Friends may seem to be more interesting than romantic partners

Quite often, for people in their 40s, their friends seem to be more interesting than romantic partners. Consequently, when it comes to choosing between having another bear in a bar with friends or go on a date with someone, they chose the first option. This happens people in their 40s have found good friends a long time ago, and they already have a strong emotional connection with them. Sadly, those emotional ties, quite often prevent them from building new romantic relationships and new emotional connections with potential lovers.

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