What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in Bangalore? 

A smartphone along with an Internet connection today has become the basic need of people across the globe. Online shopping, ordering food, booking movie tickets and even reading books, paying electricity bills and other bills, everything has gone digital; those were tedious tasks a few years ago. When you perform all these tasks you come across advertisements. Some grab your attention, and others don’t. This is precisely Digital Marketing.

A recent survey report says that India’s digital advertising industry is expected to grow by  33.5% and its value is going to exceed the INR 255 billion mark. India will produce more than 20 lakh jobs in the digital marketing industry by the end of 2020. Digital marketing is seeing an annual growth rate of 25-30%. The International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation says that India is going through a golden era of digital marketing from 2013, and it is going to grow beyond 2020.

This article focuses on the benefits of a digital marketing career and why it makes sense to consider opting for digital marketing training in Bangalore.

What is Digital Marketing?

Anything advertised via digital channels is digital marketing. The digital channels include social media, emails, mobile applications, web applications, websites, search engines, and other channels. The penetration of smartphones into our lives and a high increase in the use of the Internet have made digital marketing reach its heights. Since the scope of digital marketing is increasing exponentially, so is the scope of career in digital marketing increasing.

The reason why digital marketing is popularizing is that it is very easy and cost-effective. It makes sure that your products and services are well advertised and hence become successful. Moreover, it is done on the basis of strategic planning eventually targetting the right customers, the right way.

Benefits of a Career in Digital Marketing 

Below listed are the reasons why a career in digital marketing is good for you.

  • You can be creative all the time. 

Because it all depends on how creatively you advertise your products or services. Effective ads can make a big difference in making your product a success!

  • Excellent salary

Since there is a skill gap, and the demand for digital marketing professionals is increasing day by day, so is the salary prospects increasing. Digital marketers are offered good salaries by employers.

The salary of a digital marketing pro at entry-level ranges between INR 10,000 to 25,000 per month. For professionals with 2-5 years of experience, it can go up as high as INR 50,000-60,000 per month. 

As compared to other cities, Bangalore is seen as the hot location for this job and offers slightly higher salaries. 

  • Start your career easily. 

For a digital marketing career, you don’t need any prerequisites. You just need the basic knowledge of computers and coding, that’s it. Make your presence in social media powerful, start blogging and get a good start to your career.

  • Become a versatile professional.

Since there is a high demand for skilled digital marketing professionals, you can have a lot of opportunities to upskill yourself and be an all-rounder. You can work on existing skills and embrace continuously learning new skills.

  • Get to work with different people.

If you like meeting people, this field is very good for you. Because you are in charge of keeping track of what are the customer’s desires and requirements, you might talk and communicate with all kinds of people. And if you are an introvert, No problem! There are more ways of digital marketing where you don’t need to interact with people. Email marketing, content marketing, and many other ways are there that you can perform to stay behind the scenes.

  • More career options.

There are so many career choices in digital marketing you can choose from, like PPC, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, etc. even the top companies like Google, Twitter, Airbnb are hiring skilled and experienced digital marketing pros.

These benefits are just to list a few. You can leverage your skills and enjoy the benefits of digital marketing when you get certified. 

The Scope of Digital Marketing In Bangalore

In India, there is a huge scope of Digital marketing, career opportunities are increasing as well. In metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc. there is a broad landscape of Digital Marketing. 

When you search for Digital Marketing jobs in Bangalore, indeed.com shows you 1704 jobs updated a few days back. The median salary offered is around INR 35000 per month for professionals with just 2 years of experience.

We all are well aware of the fact that Bangalore is referred to as the technology hub of India. Obviously, there are so many agencies in India that work on digital marketing of the products and services offered by business titans. Eventually, there are a lot of institutes offering Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore. 

Many companies these days are investing in digital marketing for their ads campaigns in Bangalore. SEO professionals are in high demand. Bangalore has jobs for all, for freshers as well as experienced professionals too. 

Some job roles that you can choose from are:

  • Digital Marketing Executive – Rs 3.5 to 4 LPA.
  • Digital Marketing Manager – Rs  4.5 to 5 LPA.
  • Social Media Executive – Rs 2.5 to 3 LPA.
  • Social Media Marketing Expert – Rs 4 to 4.5 LPA.
  • Content Writer Manager – Rs 5 to 7 LPA.

Final Words

You have now read about what is the scope of Digital Marketing career in Bangalore. There are institutes that let you get certified so as to get the job of your dreams. Digital Marketing training can make your resume go on top. Rather than doing self-study, it is always better to learn from the industry experts who know the best practices as well as the latest trends going on in the dynamic field of digital marketing. So why not do a bit of research and find a reliable training provider and gain the relevant skills!

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