Concrete Flooring: Affordable & Durable


Concrete flooring is more durable than other types of flooring. It has its own unique qualities that make it a favorite with designers, project managers, and homeowners. When planning their next project, designers consider either vinyl, wood, laminate, ceramic or concrete.

With vinyl, wood, and laminate the look and style choices are very limited. These flooring types do not take to harsh weather well; hence do not perform well when installed outdoors. The cost of maintaining a wooden deck is higher than maintaining a concrete deck or a ceramic tile deck. Cost-wise as well ceramic is a better option as it is cheaper than most flooring materials.  When you look at the stability factors ceramic and concrete flooring proves to be a better choice.

Both laminate and concrete are able to mimic the looks of other flooring types. Laminate can appear like wood or stone. While concrete can also appear like stone and marble when done right. Laminate is recycled hardwood called HDF or high-density fiberboard. Laminate is not waterproof and chances of staining it are high when installed in homes with kids.  In areas where the weather is humid laminate does not make a good choice.

Hardwood, on the other hand, looks stylish and traditional. Maintaining it well requires a lot of effort. This is an expensive flooring choice as hardwood is now limited. It is also not a good choice for areas that get high traffic. This type of flooring is durable and also stable. It can be used in areas where there is no moisture. Wood also needs its treatment which can be an added expense.

Comparatively, the concrete floors and ceramic floors last a lot longer and require no maintenance at all. Both concrete and ceramic are more stable than wood. The only problem with ceramic is that it can crack with time or when hit hard. Tiles of any type can be made in concrete and these are longer lasting than ceramic tiles. These days, in areas where humidity is high the installation of wood, vinyl, and laminate flooring has decreased.

More homeowners and businesses prefer to use concrete flooring due to its high resilience to weather. The surface absorbs water and is very practical for the outdoors. If you want a non-absorbent surface the concrete contracts will use coatings to make the floor non-permeable.  Design-wise you can achieve any color, size, shape, and look you like. Concrete tiles of various colors, sizes, and shapes can be made and used in a design form to make the walkways and driveways look appealing. There are many awesome finishes available for your concrete flooring.

Making your garden look attractive is not expensive anymore. With an experienced concrete contractor, you can do wonders for your garden for a lot less.  In retail and hospitality industries concrete is often used to add an industrious look to space. The polish and the stains are permanent, and this makes concrete a preferred choice with designers. You can stain or dye it to match the rest of the interiors or exteriors. All sorts of patterns can be applied to it when it is setting.

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