Essay Writing Service: 5 Tools to Make Academic Writing Easy


Academic writing can be a veritable nightmare, especially when it comes to accompanied by a dozen other assignments and responsibilities you cannot shirk. If you find it difficult to meet all your writing commitments, it may be the sign that you need some assistance from a well-reputed online writing agency like; or you simply need some kind of tool or app to jump-start your creativity and help you achieve the best possible results on your own. Here are some of them.


Academic writing is not just about sitting down and starting writing. Organizing your ideas and establishing connections between them is just as (if not more) important. If you have trouble doing that and simple lists just don’t cut it, Coggle can serve as a viable alternative. It is a simple yet powerful mind-mapping tool that you can use in your browser. If you want, you can even share your creation with others (in case you are doing a collaborative project).

Written Kitten

Do you have trouble concentrating on writing your essay and tend to drift off to YouTube to watch cat videos? Why not turn this tendency into motivation rather than a distraction? Written Kitten is just the tool for that. Set a word count, and whenever you reach it, this tool will show you a new random picture of a cute kitten. Or, in case you aren’t into cats, you can choose it to be a puppy or a bunny.


Are you often told that your writing tends to be long-winded and verbose? Then you may be interested in using Hemingway, a prime app for simplifying your text and increasing its readability. It will point out the sentences that are too long and hard to follow and the words that are too complex and can be replaced by simpler ones. Remember: overly complicated writing is the sign of poor style, not sophistication. I

iA Writer Pro

If you have difficulties concentrating on a single task and are easily distracted, it may be a sign that you need an environment specialized for writing. iA Writer Pro does just that – it leaves you tête à tête with your current assignment, allowing you to focus on a single sentence at a time, without having to worry about formatting and the text in general. Another feature that deserves mention is Syntax Control – it highlights different parts of speech in different colors so that you can see the structure of your sentences at a glance.


Not all people can naturally write clear and understandable texts without mistakes. Grammarly was created for those who cannot stop making errors no matter how much they revise the rules. It will point out potential grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and explain why this or that fragment needs to be changed. Sometimes this automatic correction turns out to be wrong, but Grammarly is right much more often than the majority of online spell checkers.

There are lots of tools for you. Besides, if you want to convert your article word to pdf. you can do this easily by using online tools.

And what tools do you use for writing? Share them in the comments!




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