Bring Brilliance to Cabinets: Economical Schemes for Creative Lighting


With the ceaseless development of kitchen cabinet design trends, economical schemes for creative lighting are receiving increasing attention from people. An ideal lighting scheme can not only improve the overall beauty of the kitchen but also save domestic budgets. In this creative yet practical area, it’s a top priority for many people to choose an environmental-friendly and money-saving lighting design scheme. In this article, we will introduce to you a series of creative lighting solutions for cabinets, which will give you an ideal kitchen with a beautiful appearance and low expenses on the design. Let’s start to explore how to use these unique lighting schemes to add more glamour to your kitchen!

  1. LED Strips

Some of the cabinets manufacturers will offer LED strips, which is easy to install, is an economical lighting solution. You can attach them under the bottom, on the top or inside the cabinets to provide soft indirect lighting for the cabinets. And LED strips have various colors and brightness for you to choose from and you can customize them based on your habits and needs.

Installation Tips:

  • Choose the proper color and brightness to create an ideal atmosphere;
  • Make sure the lights are firmly attached in case of falling off;
  • Picking waterproof LED strips for the damp environment of the kitchen. 
  1. Portable LED Strips

Portable LED strips are a lightweight and economical lighting solution. Normally, this type of light, paired with a sticky back or magnetic base, can be easily installed inside the cabinets or on the cabinet door. Portable LED strips have the convenience of installation for no need of wiring, and they can be moved anytime as well if required. 

Recommendation on Use

  • Choose rechargeable LED strips for saving the cost of changing batteries;
  • Clean the lights regularly to maintain perfect lighting effects.
  1. Reuse Old Lights 

To save the budget, try to retrofit unused lights for the kitchen lighting. For example, you can move the lampshade of the old desk lamp and install the lamp inside the cabinets for showcase lighting. This method is not only environmental-friendly and money-saving but also adds personalized elements to the cabinets. 

Ideas for Creative Retrofit

  • Make a pendant lamp with old bottles to form a chic atmosphere above the cabinets;
  • Retrofit a unique vertical lamp with waste furniture.
  1. Home-Made Pendant Lights

Installing a pendant light with creative designs above the cabinets can not only provide adequate brightness but also become a focal point for the kitchen. Try to make a pendant light by yourself to produce an unparalleled lighting effect. This approach is economical and also presents your personality in the kitchen.

Recommendation on Used Materials

  • Use waste things, such as wood, metallic pipes, glass bottles, etc.;
  • Apply LED bulbs for the purpose of saving energy and protecting the environment;
  • Make sure to install the pendant lights firmly taking the lights’ weight and security into consideration.
  1. Window Cabinet Lighting

If your cabinets are near the windows, you can utilize natural lights for lighting up the cabinets. You can install transparent or translucent glass doors near the window cabinets, which can invite sunshine inside the cabinets. This way can make the best of the natural resources and save the cost of electricity.

Skills in Optimizing Window Cabinets

  • Keep the windows clean to make sure the best lights shedding into the cabinets;
  • Choose proper curtains or shutters to adjust the brightness of the kitchen.
  1. Bulb Strips

Bulb strips are a simple and creative lighting solution. You can pick a set of LED bulbs, arrange them into a strip, and hang them above the cabinets or install them inside the cabinets, which is simple and cheap and put on a wonderful vibe for the cabinets.

Note of Bulb Strips

  • Choose low-wattage LED bulbs to save energy;
  • Choose bulbs with longer service life to reduce the replacement frequency.
  1. Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is an environmental-friendly and energy-saving lighting solution. You can install solar panels and connect them to the cabinet lighting, letting sunlight provide electricity for the cabinets. Although the initial investment in solar lighting may be higher, it will save a large number of electricity expenses in the long term.

Considerations of Solar Lighting

  • Make sure your roof or balcony has enough areas to receive sunlight;
  • Clean the solar panel regularly to maintain the best efficiency of photoelectric conversion.
  1. Body Sensor Lights

Body sensor lights can reduce energy consumption effectively because they are only turned on if someone gets close to them. You can install a set of body sensor switch for your cabinets so that the lights will be turned on when you are near the cabinets. This is an energy-saving solution and it can improve the practicability of the kitchen cabinets at the same time. 

Recommendation on Using Body Sensor Lights

  • Choose a high-quality sensor to ensure sensing accuracy and reliability;
  • Adjust the sensing distance and time-lapse to fit your usage habits. 


With the above-mentioned lighting solutions, you could create a unique and practical lighting effect for your cabinets. Choosing a cost-effective lighting scheme can save your budget and realize the perfect combination of environmental protection and creativity. Why not add charms to your cabinets by choosing from LED strips to homemade pendant lights based on your needs and favors? 




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