How to Make Roofers Feel Safe When Working  on a Project?


Roofing isn’t easy, and roofers often risk their lives while working at scary heights. According to Gitnux, the fatality rate in the roofing industry typically is 29.9 per 100,000 full-time workers. This makes it one of the many dangerous jobs in the US. So, as a roofing contractor, you should prioritize the safety of your roofers and protect them from any sudden and unexpected accidents. 

Taking adequate measures for workers’ safety makes them feel secure, increasing overall productivity and efficiency. Let’s discuss the top ways to adopt to make roofers feel safe when on a project!

Tips to Make Roofers Feel Safe When on Project

Being one of the most populous states, California is located in the western United States. The construction industry in California generally makes up a significant part of the state’s economy. However, many roofing accidents make it necessary to have California roofers insurance to give roofers a sense of security. Affordable Contractors Insurance has quite good knowledge about roofing insurance and helps you protect your workers. 

Not only this, but you can also follow the given tips to make your roofers feel safe at work: 

1. Secure the Ladder 

One of the many safety tips you can follow to ensure the safety of roofers is to secure the ladder they use to access the roof. First, ensure the ladder is in good condition and has no signs of breakage. Next, secure the ladder using ladder stabilizers or tie it to a stable structure. 

Also, ensure you place the ladder on a flat and even surface and avoid positioning it on uneven ground or slippery surfaces. This makes your roofers confident and feel safe when climbing to the top. 

2. Wear the Right Clothes and Shoes 

Roofing isn’t an easy task, so you should provide roofers with clothes that allow maximum free movement. The fabric of the clothes should be flexible and according to the weather condition. Additionally, the shoes should be comfortable, non-slip, having good traction that grips the ground and prevents slipping. This is especially useful for those roofers who work in a moist or damp environment where chances of slipping are high. 

3. Eye Protection is a Must

Another thing you can follow to make your roofers feel safe when on a project is to provide them with eye protection. A lot of dirt, debris, and other particles on a roofing site may result in eye injuries or even blindness. Hence, roofers must wear appropriate eye protection, such as safety goggles or shatterproof glasses. This protects them from eye injury, and they can work to their full potential. 

4. Use a Magnetic Nail Sweeper

Another important safety tip you can follow to keep roofers safe is to use a magnetic nail sweeper. It keeps the work area clean and free from hazardous metal debris. Typically, a magnetic nail sweeper is a tool that picks up metal debris from the roof and surrounding areas, reducing the risk of injury. 


As a roofing contractor, it’s your responsibility to keep all your roofers safe. For this purpose, you can follow several tips. These include giving them proper protection, offering the right clothes and shoes, and securing the ladder. You can also provide them with a magnetic nail sweeper so that they can work freely with peace of mind. 




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