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Having an exotic time dealing with office work? Getting a coffee would be a great idea! They will definitely get the work done after helping overcome the stress you have been going through. However, buying a coffee on a daily basis may cost you more than your actual savings. We would suggest you to buy the best coffee maker under 50 that would be a much better option to save money.

If you are tight on budget, don’t worry! There are coffee makers in the market that are budget-friendly and have high-quality manufacturing material. Besides if you are the only person in your home that needs coffee every day then you can also opt for buying a single-serving coffee machine.

Like single-servers, there are several other kinds of coffee makers to make it convenient for the customers to invest according to their needs.

Types of the Best Coffee Maker under 50

Depending on the functionality and additional features, the coffee makers are divided into the following categories;

·         Multiple Serving Coffee maker

If you are looking for a coffee maker that can brew coffee for multiple persons on go then select the model that is multiple servers. These machines have the option to pause the brewing process mid-way so you do not have to wait for a whole pot to get done and you can pour yourself a cup. Relatively to other coffee makers, this one has a bigger carafe.

·         Coffee maker with two ways of making Coffee

Such coffee makers can brew ground beans, along with that they also have the audacity to make coffee with cup-pods as well. This makes the coffee making with different flavors conventional and also broadens the horizon for trying different types of coffees.

·         Single Serving Coffee Maker

As mentioned before, the single-serving coffee maker features the cup-pods. Such coffee makers are best suitable for individuals who tend to make one cup of coffee at a time. Furthermore, you can also try different flavors of coffee by using these single-serving coffee making machines.

Important Features of the Best Coffee Makers

A good coffee maker must have the following features to make you a good coffee for your daily routine.

·         Durable Dual Filters

The extraction process keeps the essence of the coffee intact. This job is done by the filters already present in the coffee maker. Therefore, try finding a coffee maker that has long-lasting filters that cannot only extract the ground beans but also has the ability to keep the essence.

·         Transparent Carafe

Buy a coffee maker with a transparent carafe or water reservoir with a measurement scale on it. It helps in keeping the track of remaining water in it. Resultantly, you can refill it if it seems to be required.

·         Dual Vacuum Layers

Some of the coffee makers have thin stainless-steel walls that have vacuum within them. This helps in maintaining the optimal temperature of the coffee keeping its taste intact for a certain duration. Moreover, it also keeps the coffee maker lightweight so it would be convenient for you to move the machine from one place to another.

Here are we have showcased a collection of the best coffee maker under 50

1.     Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker comes with the on/off indicator which helps in knowing when the machine is on or off. Furthermore, it features the auto-pause stop cycle which allows the mid-brew to get the coffee poured before the whole pot is done.

Transparency and dual water windows help in keeping the track of water being poured. It assists in avoiding overflows. In addition, this product comes with a lift and clean filter and has easy cord storage which eliminates counter clutter.

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2.     Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee Maker

With the help of an enclosed brewing system which has internal heaters, the Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee Maker has the ability to keep the coffee hot for about four hours. It also keeps the coffee flavor fresh and brews twelve cups.

You need to press the bar to pour the coffee in the cup and it can dispense one cup at a time.


Shredding off stress is very important when you need to concentrate on the work and there is one and definite way to do that i.e. by drinking coffee. But if you need a coffee late at night or during the working hours then having a conventional and economical coffee maker becomes mandatory. Therefore, to get the best coffee maker under 50 have a look at the products mentioned above!




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