Outsourcing Or In-House SEO: What’s The Ideal Choice For Your Brand?


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is often considered to be the steppingstone of a successful online marketing campaign. For the uninitiated, it covers all the elements, strategies and practices that help in improving the ranking of a website in search results. SEO has many benefits beyond better ranking. It brings organic traffic to a site, enhances brand visibility and adds value to the business, all because users trust Google, Yahoo and Bing for the search results.

When it comes to initiating SEO, there are two basic choices – you can choose to hire an in-house team of experts or can select one of the SEO services in Singapore. What’s ideal for your brand? We take a look at the pros and cons!

Hiring an in-house team

This may seem like the most obvious choice, and before you take the leap, you have to understand four important aspects –

  1. SEO is a continuous process, which means you will have to maintain the team for years to come.
  2. The in-house team requires resources, supervision, and management.
  3. You have to spend considerable effort in hiring the right people.
  4. You should have the budget to pay the salaries.

For a lot of companies, this often comes off as a complicated task. These above-mentioned aspects are often one of the prime reasons why many enterprises, despite having the budget, decide to outsource their needs to specialized SEO for dummies services.

That said, there are a few advantages of an in-house team that cannot be ignored either. For example, you can choose to hire the people you want, and if budget is not a constraint, you can get the best SEO experts on-board. There is also considerable control on the team, so you can decide and have a fair idea of how the SEO campaign is working in the first place. Thirdly, hiring an in-house team is actually effective for companies that have more than one or two websites to manage.

Hiring an SEO agency

Outsourcing SEO is a standard norm in the world of online marketing. Businesses prefer hiring SEO agencies because of diverse advantages as –

  1. To get the expertise and experience of a competent team
  2. To reduce the workload of managers
  3. To get a better understanding of evolving SEO and online marketing trends
  4. To keep costs in check
  5. To improve response time

Working with an SEO agency has certain pros that cannot be ignored. For instance, the best SEO companies work with clients in a fair and transparent manner, so you can expect them to offer you regular reports and information, which helps in tracking the growth of your website. SEO is scalable, so there is no way that an agency can fool around or claim to deliver when they have not done anything at all.  To top that, you wouldn’t be spending recklessly on these services. In most cases, the price is decided after agreeing on a term period, so you can expect to pay a monthly price or a fixed amount for the entire project.

What’s ideal for my company?

Well, it depends. Typically, SEO is best outsourced, to an agency that you can rely on, but again, not all services are the same. You may have to do some initial research and find more on the work process before getting a company for the project. That said, hiring an in-house SEO team is not a bad idea, especially if you have the budget and management resources to spare. Decide what your business really needs, and we strongly recommend that you find a company that’s experienced and can also handle all kinds of other online marketing tasks.


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