Best breathable fabrics to wear in summer

Although in most countries the summer takes a very short time and temperatures do not exceed 20 degrees in Celsius, summers heat can crash unexpectedly. Consequently, in order not to be sweaty on the summer heat, you should definitely try this fabric clothes.


Cotton is one of the most optimum fabrics for hot summer days. It‘s not only because it‘s cheap and can be found in all clothing stores, but because it‘s durable and comfortable too! Cotton is soft, breathable and lightweight , allowing heat to stay cool and for you to escape the body.  And it would fit to all styles – there are variety of styles and colors of cotton fabric. However, cotton have some disadvantages too.  This fabric won‘t fit you if you are sweating a lot. Because of it‘s texture, cotton soaks up moisture, it can show moisture stains by collar or armpits.


Linen is another great choice of fabric to wear on hot summer days. It‘s very light and loosy, so you might feel fresh even in the hottest weather. Because of it‘s texture, linen fabric perfectly absorbs moisture and dries very fast, keeping you fresh and dry. Unlike other materials, handmade linen is not sticking to your body. The biggest con of linen fabric – it gets wrinkled very easy.


Bamboo is a perfect piece of fabric for a warm weather. First of all, this material is perfect for working clothes, when you work all day and do not have the opportunity to change your clothes. Bacterias do not survive in bamboo and that means that after long working hours your clothes won‘t smell.  Like the linen fabric, bamboo absorbs moisture very well and keep you dry and fresh! Yeah, it’s quite rare and it would be hard for you to find bamboo clothing in the local clothing stores. However, you can easily find and buy it online, so this should not cause major problems.

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