A Guide To Moving Your Family Pets


Are you one of those pet parents worried about moving your pet? Well, travelling with pet is tough because of airport rules and regulations. Also, cargo travelling isn’t meant for all pets and sometimes may cause anxiety problems and affects their health. Whether you plan to move your pet to another city or another country, it is essential to know everything about pet travel, so that your pet enjoys a hassle-free travel.

Plan well

If you are planning to relocate your pet, make arrangements for it in advance so that you don’t have any last-minute tasks left. It is important that you look for an affordable pet transport service to rely upon for your furry friend.

Get a health check-up

It is very important to get your pet checked by a vet so that there isn’t any problem during its transportation. You should get a health certificate from your vet as proof that he is free from all diseases. Make sure you get him thoroughly vaccinated, de-wormed, and have the paper ready prior to pick up.

Get your tags

It is important that your pet and its carriage have a tag bearing its name and your name along with your contact details. It will ensure that there is no confusion.

Clean your pet

Make sure you clean your pet thoroughly before traveling. It is good to give them a good wash so that they feel fresh.

Keep them calm and composed

While your pet is traveling with a pet transport service, it is important to ensure that they remain calm and composed. You should provide the driver with sufficient treats and food for a good journey. Also, give them the toys your pet loves so that he is calm during the whole journey.

Crate train your pet

It is an important part to deal with. Always train your pet for the crate to make the complete travel procedure secure. Train them to get used to traveling so that the task of pet transport service gets simpler.

Find out the cost

The cost of pet relocation depends on several factors such as the size of your pet, location of pickup as well as delivery, the time frame within which the pet needs to be transported, and whether it is domestic pet shipping or international pet travel. It is important that you ask for a price quote from the pet transport service agency and then decides. Depending on the above factors, the price may range from $100 to $600.

If you are looking forward to move your family pets via a secure and comfortable pet transport service, then you should keep the above points in mind. Shiply is your one-stop solution to get your pets transported anywhere you want at the best rates. The company keeps the safety and wellbeing of your pets as its top-notch priority. So, you get the right peace of mind and a feeling of safety when re-locating your pet with Shiply. Go ahead and get the price quote now!


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