What are the Main Materials for CNC Machining Parts


CNC machining is a computer numerical control machining that is used in manufacturing industrial products. The CNC machine follows a complete automated CNC command to follow the specific designs. CNC machining parts are more precise, more accurate, and built-in the lesser time than a regular manufactured part after the whole casting process.

Main materials for CNC machining parts

Every specific CNC machining part is manufactured from only some particular materials. CNC machining cannot be operated on every kind of matter. Only a few materials can endure CNC manufacturing, they are called the main materials for CNC machining parts. Several factors are defining the eligibility of any material to become the main material for CNC products. Workability, weight to strength ratio, corrosion resistance, cosmetic appearance, and price are considered the main materials for CNC designs.

Some popular main materials of CNC machining are Stainless Steel (303, 304,316), Aluminium (6061,7075), Brass, Magnesium AZ31, Carbon Steel, PVC, Nylon6/6 1045, Tungsten, and Titanium. They all have some specific physical and chemical properties, which are beneficiaries of CNC design manufacturing.

Advantages of main materials for CNC machining parts

There are some main advantages of picking up the main materials for CNC machining parts. Some major ones are listed below.

  • Most of the main materials have a high strength to break ratio.
  • Most of the main materials are corrosion resistant.
  • Every main material of the CNC machining part should have good formability and weldability. So, it can be molded into the final product design by CNC machines.

Above are the typical advantages of CNC parts processing materials, and some materials have their own unique advantages.

PVC and Nylon 6/6

With good flame resistance, they can be used in sensitive or hot places as well.


Steels are hard enough to sustain under high pressure and high temperature as well. Moreover, they are excellently mechanic-able to be transformed into other shapes. That’s why they are used in automobile valves.

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steels are hard to be cracked under pressure, but they can be molded into any design. So, they are widely used in making intricate sanitary designs.

Carbon Steel 

Carbon steels are brittle ones. It means they have more resistance, but they have flexibility as well. They can be used in complex shapes likes engines.

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum alloy 7075 is one of the highest strength alloys. After processing, they are hard to deform but easy to polish and color film. Furthermore, its oxidation effect is excellent.

Red Copper 

Pure copper (also known as red copper), with a rose-red surface, is a kind of tough metal with excellent conductivity. Red copper contains 99.9% copper, and some other elements are added to improve the surface and performance. Though it is not entirely pure copper, it has lots of excellent properties, such as good conductivity, heat conduction, ductility, and corrosion resistance.

So, you must consider relying only on those particular materials, which can be regarded as the main materials. According to some research studies, they must be having such versatile abilities as pressure & heat endurance, modification abilities, high melting point, lightweight to strength ratio. You can check the best main materials for your CNC products and choose the best main material for your CNC machining parts after noting down all your specific needs.

Before buying any CNC machine parts, always consider a reliable company like Bruico, which has a strong reputation in CNC machining parts and products. Search for the main materials, shortlist some top companies. Check the companies’ websites to check their portfolio and their CNC machining parts from their CNC materials. If you find the manufactured CNC products interesting, get a free quote from Bruico for your desired material.




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