7 Top Plastic Surgery Trends in 2020

Plastic surgery is a highly popular industry. It may be hard to believe, but new trends appear every year. The popularity of these procedures shifts depending on several factors, including the emergence of new celebrities and influencers.

Many people decide to change their appearance based on how other people look. With each new influencer taking the stage, more and more people change their minds about their faces, figures, and shapes.

The other important factor is new technologies. Many innovations appear in the plastic surgery industry every day, making new procedures possible and discovering the downsides of old ones.

Let’s talk about the top 7 plastic surgery trends we are likely to see in 2020.

1. Botox

Even though Botox has never left the market, it was always associated with a certain stigma of injections.

As the second decade of the 21st century rolls around, such stigma is disappearing by the minute. Due to that, younger men and women are taking advantage of Botox to deal with the tiniest signs of fine lines and look perfect on social media.

2. Buttocks Lift

In 2020, many women are leaning towards getting a butt lift. Thanks to such influencers as Kim Kardashian and Jenifer Lopez, the larger buttocks are highly popular.

Cosmetic surgeons remove fat from other areas of a person’s body to add it to their buttocks and shape them according to the latest fashion.

3. Chin Fillers

Men and women are taking advantage of chin fillers to change the shape of their chins. The reasons differ from creating a more prominent jawline to accomplishing symmetry between the chin’s edges and corners of the mouth. This surgery is more popular among men, who strive to have masculine facial metrics.

4. Liposuction

A thin body hasn’t gone out of style. It’s here to stay for the rest of 2020. Many men and women are unhappy with their body weight and shape so they opt for liposuction.

It’s an effective method of removing stubborn fat to start a new life. It’s also possible to reuse this fat to improve other body parts.

5. 3-D Facelift

One of the latest achievements in the plastic surgery industry is the 3-D facelift. It’s microsurgery with limited scarring and minimal downtime. During the procedure, the surgeon takes fat from the lower part of the face to add volume to the cheeks. It’s an excellent alternative to the traditional facelift.

6. Lip Lift

The lip shape trends change every year. That’s why a lip lift is becoming more and more popular. People all over the world are getting lip lifts to raise the edges of their lips and add prominence to their mouths. The procedure is fast and highly efficient.

7. New fillers and Injectables

The year 2020 brings us innovations in the filler industry. Modern fillers last longer allowing people not to worry about repeat surgeries for three to four years.

New surgery trends appear every year. Some may change within months. Following the latest innovations can help you choose the best procedure for your needs.

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