Marmaris Turkish Bath

Bathing is a regular human activity. And some might think, what is so fancy about Turkish baths? Well to be honest Turkish bath is a cultural ritual developed through the passage of hundreds of years of heritage. Today’s Turkish Bath is not some random overnight discovery or a marketing campaign. Rather is a witness of cultural fusion.

The Aristocrats of ancient societies used to arrange luxury baths. The Roman baths, the Victorian Baths, Russian Banya, etc. But nothing beats the Turkish Hammam and its therapeutic baths. It has the essence of all the baths mentioned above and much more.

The present bathing technique is derived from that of the Ottoman style, and the style followed throughout the middle east and far orient. One of the basic and distinctive features of this bath is unlike steam, here directly water and foam are used. To retain the legacy and give a taste of it most of the modern Turkish tourist spots has several facilities of Turkish baths.

Marmaris is such a favourite hot-spot to tourists from all over the world. And Marmaris does not disappoint anybody who comes to seek pleasure here. There are some excellent Turkish Bath facilities or Hammam, where you can cross off this must-have item from your bucket list.

The Turkish Bath comes as a package. You may hear about different free offers of Turkish baths. But to be honest, you will not get the real thrill there. Because no trained professionals will aid you in the task. And you may end up doing everything by yourself. The bottom line is you will not get the real experience, and the whole thing provides a wrong impression. The packages: Standard or VIP are very much affordable, and I would like to recommend taking one of those because they offer various extra amenities too.

The Bathing Experience:

If you pick the standard or the VIP package of a Turkish bath. You will get transportation to and from your facility. The whole package is of around 3 hours including your main bath session of 1.5 hours. You should book the bath early in the morning. And if you want to persist your tan, you should take this bath session at the beginning of the whole tour. Taking it at the end will reduce your tan.

After the transport takes to the Hammam, you will find yourself in the midst of a fine facility with a marble floor. This floor is built up in a special way, and it remains warm throughout the day. You will be lying down on the warm floor, get a sauna, and steam treatment. The hot atmosphere will open the pore of your skin, which will further help in the detox process.

After the steam session, a trained professional will come and start the main procedure of the Turkish bath. You will be at first drenched with cold pleasing water, afterwards specially formed foam from herbal-induced soap will be poured over your body in a unique way. Then the scrubber will gently yet effectively scrub your skin. It will detox your body and remove the dead cells at the same time.

The final step will end with another session of a cold water bath. This is the description of the Standard Package, the VIP and other packages will have some extra perks.

Types of Turkish Bath at your option:

The three main types of widely prevalent Turkish Baths in Marmaris are:

  1. Standard Turkish Bath.
  2. VIP Turkish Bath.
  3. Therapeutic Special Turkish Bath.

The Standard Turkish Bath is described above. It comes with the most essential packages of the Turkish Bath. It is the cheapest offer that you will get among the packages.

The VIP Turkish Bath is the extension of Standard Turkish Bath. But, you will get all the facilities of Standard Bath in a premium form. The Bath facility will be better and with a touch of extra luxury.

You will get a face mask here, an aromatherapy massage for around 20 minutes. You will also get some extra head and feet message in this package. The professional who will be taking care of you is better experienced here, there will also be a separate scrubber and message professional.

In between your session you will also get, the local hot beverages, which will add an extra flavour to your endeavour of refreshment.

However, the best package is the Therapeutic Special Turkish Bath. I would highly recommend you to take this package. In this one, you will get all the perks from the VIP Turkish bath. But here special natural ingredients are used, at the same time, oil therapy and special Indian head massage are also included in this package. This is the best and complete package that you can dream of.


Turkish Bath is a part of Turkish culture. Since you are here in Marmaris to enjoy your time. An authentic Turkish culture that will provide your body with a much-needed rejuvenation. So, you should keep this in your bucket list during your travel in Marmaris.

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