5 Familiar Myths About Beard Growth


More people are getting themselves enrolled in the beards community. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced beard man, the feeling of growing beards is always a fulfilling one.

People say a lot of things regarding the growth of beard. While some of this information might be true, a lot of them are not correct. So if you are interested in growing your beards but have been discouraged by specific information, this piece is meant for you. Here comes most of the biggest myths about beard growth:

1. Beards are itchy

Fifty percent of those discouraged from growing beards do so because they assume it will be itchy. This information is not correct. Beards are only itching when growing in the early stages—the first couple of weeks precisely. The itching goes away after a while. The formula is more like this; the more the beard grows, the less itchy it becomes, and at a point, the whole itching stops. At this point, you can start feeling funky with your beards.

2. Beards aren’t convenient for summer

One can never be more wrong when they assume that beard growth will be an inconvenient process during the summer. On the contrary, men with a considerable amount of facial hairs get passed the summer without suffering what their hairless counterparts go through.

When you have beards on your face, the beards stand as an obstacle to the devastating ultra-violet rays coming from the sun. In addition to giving your face protection and causing you to sweat less, they create a remarkable cool airflow pattern.

3. Beards make you look unkempt

Some people believe that beards make you look less presentable because of how they look on your face. That is another myth that has been busted, thanks to recent fashion trends. Your beard growth needs to be enhanced by the right quantity of beard vitamins. Several good formulations can help your beards with a healthy amount of the required vitamins.

4. Beards must be big

What works for one person may not work for another person. Everyone must not have the Rick Ross type of beard. If that is not your style, do not force it. You can still look attractive and stylish with a moderately grown beard. Always remember, the formula for beard growth is growing them to a stage where they make you happy and give you the confidence you desire.

5. They grow quick when they are shaved

This is only an assumption that lacks any basis or form of scientific backing. When you shave your beards, that is all there is to it. Nothing more. Your beard is going to continue to grow at its usual rate.

The same thing goes for beard vitamins. They are only meant to help your beard thrive. Their job is not to alter your genetic abilities




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