How to Make the Most of Your Small Home

It can be easy to spend your time in a location you don’t particularly enjoy, but with a little bit of effort, you can transform almost any space into a comfortable, chic and enjoyable home that you adore. There are many tricks that interior designers use to make small spaces feel bigger, and it’s a shame that the general population isn’t aware how easy it can be! So, put away that new home brochure and make the most of your current space. 

Corner Sofas

It can be tempting to fill up a small space with small things and make the whole room seem relatively bigger. However, here’s a thought: why not go for large, extra-comfy corner sofas in your living room? The corner sofa will make the place seem cozier, even if it limits the space you have for your coffee table or other furnishings. Corner sofas are special as they can make the most of dead space in corners of the room, giving you a far more space-efficient solution. 

Have a Purge

If you have a lot of clutter lying around, it can be tempting to just buy new places to put it. Home storage furnishings like cupboards, cabinets, and aesthetically pleasing boxes can be tempting, but do a purge first and get rid of your old stuff. Companies like BrightHouse are experts at helping people declutter as they arrange for unwanted items to be picked up in a waste container that you can leave outside (and can even power wash anything that’s a little dirty). Only when you’ve stripped your home back to the essentials should you look at the best home storage solutions

Room Look Too Small? Mirrors are to your Rescue!

If you have a particular room that feels cramped regardless of how much you declutter, just fit some mirrors in! Something about the way they help to reflect and bounce around light makes them perfect for enhancing the space of any room. It’s one of the more commonly known interior design tricks, but it doesn’t make it any less effective. 

Small Kitchen? Build up to the Ceiling!

Small kitchens can be really annoying due to the amount of workspace that you might need for some recipes. You don’t want to clog up your surfaces with anything, so make the most of cabinets. The problem that most people face in small kitchens is that even their cabinets can be tiny. Just bypass this by building cabinets up to the ceiling. It isn’t too hard or expensive to do if you have a ladder and a smidgen of DIY experience.

Shelve and Hang

Empty walls are a waste when space is at a premium, so make the most of it and put shelves wherever it is convenient. Shelves can reduce the space available in a room, so if you are limited on space you can hang things up instead. Installing coat hooks can also be helpful as you can hang many different items on them. 

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