4 Tips to Using a Lancet to Manage Diabetes

A lancet is a two-edged surgical knife that is broad and small. It can also be a sharp pointed blade. Doctors usually use it for capillary blood samplings. People with diabetes mostly use it to use to puncture their fingers so as to do draw blood for a test. You could be asking whether a lancet is the same as a needle. They look alike since a lancet is sharp and thin and they also perform the same role, however, they are a bit different. So what are the tips for using a lancet?

1)            Get the Right Equipment

When choosing a meter, ensure that it requires only a small blood drop. The blood is useful for monitoring the glucose level. You can try a meter that can read your blood drop from an alternative site. Unfortunately, it does not work for all people. In the effort of trying to get blood from other sites, some people injure themselves and get too many bruises. A diabetic lancet with a needle cover to prevent accidental poking and injuries is the right choice. Choose a lancet that has a very narrow needle. You can check the gauge. If it is big, it means that the lancet is narrow. Choose a suitable lancet device.

2)            Choose a Site That Is Not Painful

You should avoid using the center of your finger. Instead, use the side. The finger center has many nerves as compared to the side, meaning it is more painful. The side is also better since it has more blood vessels. Avoid lancing in the same place. Have a rotational system. You can keep on rotating the lancet around the available side of your fingers. If your lancet the same place, you will have bruises. On Monday, you can use your left middle finger. On Tuesday, use your left ring finger. On Thursday and Friday, you can use your right middle finger and right ring finger consecutively.

3)            Prepare the Site

Before lancing, you should not clean your finger using alcohol. The use of alcohol dries your skin. If you lancet the skin after the alcohol dries, it can get a painful cracking. If you must use it, lance before it completely dries, though note that it will sting. To avoid pushing in dirty, you should wash your fingers with soapy water. If you have any foreign material under your skin, then know that your skin will hurt. Rub the spot you need to lancet until it becomes warm. Just like the way you shake a thermometer, shake your hand. All these are meant to bring more blood to the finger.

4)            Lancing Your Finger

Never use the same lancet twice. Unfortunately, due to the harsh economy, some people have no option but to use the same lancet more than once. It may not cause much harm if you do not share it and if you wash your finger thoroughly after using it. Note that after using the lancet, it becomes less sharp and cause injuries.

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