4 Myths about LASIK Surgery


You’ve probably heard about LASIK surgery at some point. Whether you’re considering LASIK yourself, or know of someone that’s had it done.  However, some people still have a lot of questions surrounding the procedure and wonder whether it’s worth the trouble or not.

Because not everyone has done extensive research about LASIK, it’s understandable that there are a considerable amount of misconceptions. Therefore, if you’re looking to learn more about LASIK and find out if it’s right for you, then here are some of the myths you should know about.

It’s a Risky Procedure

Although there are still potential side effects from LASIK as with any surgery, it is considered a very low-risk procedure. Success rates are incredibly high, and rarely do they result in problems.

One of the reasons for this is because doctors are careful about taking a look at your medical history first.  Before putting a laser to anyone’s eye, they confirm you’re an eligible candidate.

Therefore, if the main reason you’re holding back getting LASIK is that you’re concerned with the risks, then rest assured your chances of complications are very low.

You’ll Be Unconscious during the Surgery

A lot of people fear surgery because they think that they’re afraid of being put under anesthesia. However, LASIK doesn’t require you to be put to sleep. You will be completely awake during the procedure, but you will feel no pain.

Talking to other friends who’ve had LASIK done already may help you feel more at ease during the process. Being reassured that the process is painless and straightforward will help feelings of anxiety.

Recovery Time Is Long

You won’t be bed-ridden for several weeks after getting LASIK done. Although you will require some recovery time, it’s very short compared to other surgeries.

Most people only need a few days off of work, and they’re ready to go back. If you’d prefer not to miss too much work, then you should consider scheduling your surgery before the weekend so you can use those two days for rest and recovery.

You Have To Pay Upfront

LASIK isn’t a cheap surgery, so a lot of people worry about having enough savings put aside to be able to pay for it all at once. However, many doctors’ offices provide discounts for people who pay upfront. Additionally, you can look into different payment plans so that you can comfortably pay in installments.

It’s a good thing that you’re asking questions before undergoing any sort of surgery. Blindly going into a procedure without understanding more about it could lead to serious regrets down the road. Therefore, take this information as a tool for helping you make the best decision for your eye health.


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