3 Important Steps to Begin Weight-loss


“First seek to understand. Then be understood.”~Stephen Covey

Have you ever heard or seen those success stories where people share their experience in order to help others to achieve their desired results?
Well, obviously yes… And if you think that this article will work wonders, you may skip and save your time.

Yet, if you aim for long-term success and achieving your desired fitness result (Weight-loss, Muscle Gain, Toning, Reshaping or etc.) following the 3 steps below will create a better understanding and choosing the right path.

Just before we start, make sure to read it all (thoughts are puzzled together, so you can miss the importance).

The first step and most probably the main one is finding the right analysis to establish those patterns and plan accordingly to get the desired outcome. Yes, it seems pretty easy, however, the majority of those who struggle and wish to lose weight or simply reshape their bodies fail in the first step.

There are dozens of ways to lose weight, however, when you tried various diets or types of exercises with less to no results you feel frustrated and overwhelmed… (we can relate to this, we’ve been there).
Thus, the importance of the first step (analysis and understanding) is vital and must!

Because once you have that understanding, half of the work is done. Moreover, you will save an enormous amount of time (just think of the time that you’ve already had spent to find what works and what does not).
We at Body Design EMS Training Dubai have witnessed thousands of times when our clients tried literally everything with no results and were ready to undergo surgery.
Thus, we strongly believe in an individual approach to each member and customize their fitness journeys accordingly.

The second step is – taking the action. (You might think, oh… come on… too simple). Do not hurry with conclusions.

Once you understand and plan your steps towards your fitness success, make sure to set up a s.m.a.r.t. goal. Do you remember this approach? Just in case if not, S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Achievable, Realistic, Timed.

This abbreviation is one of the most trusted ones among all others before you depart in your fitness journey.
Just as any other goal which you desire to achieve, make sure to apply this towards your fitness success.

Take the action from where you are now, understand, analyze and admit. Don’t get delusional by fancy stories or easy tricks (aim the long term).
We as a specialist in weight-loss, reshaping, toning, muscle gain and general fitness aim the utmost and nobler motives, such as better health, the happiness of achieved fitness results and fulfillment of every member.
The third step is more subjective rather than objective. It is Patience and Persistence. Quite often we can quit just before achieving a needed outcome when just the extra mile required. Here we can align previous steps so our puzzle matches. With the proper understanding and analysis, you can get your desired outcome, so it will be timed. Yet, as all of us are human beings and we may make mistakes at different stages of our journey (whether it is an estimation, planning, following and etc.). Don’t get discouraged, instead, try to check where it did happen, so you can eliminate it and move forward. In general, if you’ve done all the previous steps correctly, the chance of the error will be pretty small and your fitness results will push you further. Keep in mind, what works for others may not work for you, so, try to get your analysis thoroughly.

True, overall this article may seem more of the philosophy and mindset to have than action and ready-made tutorial or guideline to follow. Yet, everything starts from the idea which ignites the action.
Moreover, we mostly have more challenges in our minds rather than in physiology.




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