World’s Fastest Growing E-commerce Market Meets Powerful Product Search


Daily 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced on the internet. Currently, machine learning is on the rise, never have we had so much data to be used for pattern recognition and digital model development. AI improves with each interaction, resources are better managed and time is saved due to its intuitive abilities to understand human behavior. With hopes to expand artificial intelligence with deep learning, where more powerful neural networks allow the digital mind to solve even more complex problems, such as medical diagnosis. Today with the various IOT devices available to consumers, machine learning can help forecast behavioral patterns once a large enough training data set is achieved.

The applications of this process are versatile for companies trying to put it into use. One such potential area of application is e-commerce. Text search is a powerful way for e-commerce platforms to help users quickly find what they are looking for. With the application of machine learning and AI, search engines are better able to understand queries and provide more accurate results. In that light, is one such platform that is working on making product search more streamlined and intelligent through machine learning. Using complex algorithms to simplify the experience of a customer who is regularly on e-commerce platforms in search of products.

Shopsy is based out of Pakistan and is a tech startup with a powerful search engine dedicated to enhancing shopping experiences by employing machine learning & AI. It can hone your search results with capable filtering tools and unique features, the more you use it the more it learns by interacting with your habits of purchase and what products interest you.

Similar to Google, Shopsy uses web crawling to aggregate over a million products from trusted online stores in Pakistan. Search results are listed side by side for easy price comparison, saving consumers time from having to visit multiple sites and browsing through unnecessary items. Along with search results, Shopsy displays product reviews and helpful information via a simple clutter-free user interface, to assist users in making their decision.

Shopsy has been developing its platform for 3 years and has recently received a large seed round from Sybrid, a Lakson Group company, to scale its search engine nationwide. Shopsy’s success will improve the overall e-commerce landscape in Pakistan, a country that has been termed as one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world, by helping online stores in its search index drive traffic and revenue.




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