With Covid-19 cases increasing again and toilet paper shortages looming, is it time to consider a bidet seat?


As autumn progress and Covid cases rise again in certain hotspots – including the White House itself – many Americans are rightly concerned that we could face another lockdown, followed by a repeat of a run-on toilet paper. However, some Americans learned something in the last toilet paper shortage: bidet seats provide an easy, enduring solution.

Bidet Benefits

The bidet’s greatest benefit, particularly during a pandemic, is that it can either drastically reduce or completely eliminate your reliance on toilet paper. That may sound desirable to you, but if you’re like most Americans, you don’t really understand how bidets work. You might not even know what a modern bidet looks like.

So let’s set the record straight: for starters, most models of bidets are designed to replace your current toilet seat. They look like a regular toilet seat – they come round or elongated. The difference is, most need to be plugged in, and most are a bit bulkier than your current toilet seat because, depending on the model, all sorts of features may be packed into the unit. Features like an instant hot-water heater, a nightlight, an automatic air deodorizer, a warm-air dryer, and much more. However, fear not. High-end, modern bidets have all sorts of bells and whistles, but they are not obtrusive. In fact, companies like Brondell, Toto, and Bio Bidet BB2000 Bliss are known for making sleek-looking, aesthetically-pleasing models.

How Bidets Work

Now let’s talk about how bidets work. After you use the restroom, you will press a button either on the side or rear of the bidet, or if you bought a model that came with remote control, you’ll press a button on that. That button will initiate your wash. Depending again on your model of the bidet, you might have many options at this point. Certain models of bidets allow you to select the temperature of your wash, along with the pressure (high, medium, low), and if you want an oscillating spray, an enema wash, a front, or a posterior wash.

After you make your selection, a nozzle will appear that will spray water either for a set amount of time (like 30 seconds), or until you turn it off. Then, if you bought a model with a warm-air dryer, you press a button, and the dryer will dry you post-wash. Then you’re done. No TP required! Many bidets have an added perk of auto-cleaning their nozzles after each use, making bidtes very hygienic.

Why Should More People Consider Bidets?

In addition to helping you cut down or reduce your need for toilet paper, you’ll quickly discover that bidets are a cleaner and more comfortable way to use the restroom. Many people who have converted to bidet use look back with regret on the years they spent dry wiping. If you think about it, if excrement somehow got on any other body part, like your hands or arms, you’d never be content to just wipe it with dry paper. Yet, many people feel the dry paper is fine to “clean” their most sensitive, delicate regions.

Once you experience the superior cleanse of warm water wash every time you use the restroom, you’ll be one of the converts who remembers your dry-paper wiping days with sorrow, and perhaps even with a slight sense of repugnance.

Furthermore, you’ll quickly find that bidets like the Brondell Swash 1400 wash is more comfortable than abrasive toilet paper – especially if you suffer from hemorrhoids, constipation, fissures, or any other medical issues. Women who just gave birth and might fear using the toilet due to potential pain from wiping will find soothing bidet washes to eliminate those fears.


All in all, bidets are a great investment – now more than ever – because you’ll never have to worry about another pandemic-induced toilet paper shortage. Plus, you just may find your bathroom hygiene and comfort improved exponentially.

Author Bio:

Jensen Lee is the Founder and Managing Member of bidetsPLUS, an online retail store specializing in bidet toilet seats. Prior to bidetsPLUS, Jensen held management positions in technology-related fields, in both the U.S. and Europe. He has held the position of Product Manager of Global Network Services for British Telecom. Most recently, he held the position of Executive Director of Product Marketing at AT&T Interactive, AT&T’s internet advertising division.




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