Belgium is beautiful at any time of the year. For those who cannot bear the summer heat, Belgium, with its average July temperature of +18 degrees will seem like a true paradise. After you have a local beer in Belgium, there will be no more doubts in your mind.

So, let’s start with the climate and fears “freeze-catching weather.” The climate in Belgium is temperate, which means the temperature is positive even in the winter month of January and December. Therefore, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to walk in the fresh air and enjoy the local beauties. Rainfall also does not pamper the Belgians with its frequency and abundance. When you intend to visit Belgium in winter, you must visit these three places – Brugge, Ghent, and Brussels. Let’s start with the last one.


Brussels is the most beautiful and unusual European capital. This is not only the capital of the state but also the entire European Union. It is small but overwhelming. The population of Brussels is less than 200 thousand people, but the entire agglomeration has nearly two million people. This is probably with all the big European cities. The skyscrapers fit quite naturally with the Brussels landscape.

Brussels has something to remember – although it all starts with a village in a swamp. Yes, the two words that make up the name of the city are bruoc “swamp” and sella “settlement.”If you ever visit Brussels, you will surely remember the Grand Places, Atomium and the Manneken Pis.

Grand Place

It is a bilingual city – you will see the signs in French and Dutch everywhere, which sometimes creates a funny phonetic confusion. Of course, it is worth visiting the main Belgian square in August. It is literally covered with a carpet of flowers. However, I would dare to say, in winter, you will enjoy the gilding, and the old houses of merchants shine brightly. Moreover, the town hall is also beautiful, as always.

The uniqueness of houses in Brussels

In Brussels, as in many other ancient cities, you will notice the numbering of houses is scarce. People decorate their houses with all sorts of symbols. You will also see the golden horn above the doors of their houses. Each street in Brussels is a collection of ancient style houses that were built centuries ago. Surprisingly, each of the neighbors lives peacefully with each other. They look very nice together.

Now that you have got to know about the houses of the main streets, you need to turn into a side street. The first look of the street will amaze you with its crowd on the corner and the walls with beautiful paintings.


The Atomium, as a symbol of more than half a century ago, was built for the exhibition in 1958. It is undoubtedly a magnificent and ultramodern structure. There are many public places and exhibition halls in its surrounding, and you can use the lift, stairs or escalators if you want to visit. On the top floor, there is a restaurant from which you can have a panoramic view of Brussels. You will love to walk along Atomium’s corridors and its miniature park. It will make you feel refreshed.

Park near the royal palace

There is a park near the royal palace. It will surprise you by the art with which the Belgians “dissect” limes. They have stuffed them into a kind of barbecue grills and turn them into hedges. There is a church of St. Michael and Gudulla – the cathedral of the XII century. Stained-glass windows are just a delight.


If we talk about Bruges, its uniqueness is so multifaceted that it deserves a separate article. Its history as the capital of West Flanders in northwest Belgium is tremendous. It is worth going there in winter. When the water of the lake and canals is icy olive in color, and the swans stand out on the bright spots. You will love to see the background against the grey sky and the branches of the trees, like raised-arms up. Moreover, bricked houses seem even more ancient.

Visiting Bruges in winter has its own charm – this is one of the few Belgian cities that celebrate the New Year.  People decorate houses and have some fun. They flip through the calendar and throw out Christmas trees the day after Christmas. Even a short winter day does not seem so dull. Besides the traditional lighting, you will see garlands lights brighten the roads and decorate local shops.

Do not forget to enjoy waffles and a local specialty – french fries. Yes, it was invented by the Belgians.  Take a sip of one of the thousands of beers or bask in mulled wine, throw chocolate on the cheek, and roam the streets, looking at cathedrals and houses.


Finally, it is impossible to mention Ghent here without enthusiastic adjectives. If you visit it, you will find it beautiful in the day and also at night. Its old houses look into the mirror-like water of canals, through which boats float slowly. Ghent became famous as the center of production and trade in fabrics. Imagine, somewhere in the XII-XV centuries, more than half of Ghent families lived on the income from wool production. They produced a good quantity and also supported others.

Philip of Alsace built the castle of Gravensteen (Castle of the Counts). It is still a formidable decoration of Ghent. According to history, the castle managed to accommodate both a prison and a textile factory when it was operational.

Ghent is not a single castle. You need to go there for the Saint Bavo Cathedral; it was built in 942. The cathedrals of St. Nicholas and St. Michael are beautiful. The bridge next to it is another wonder. You will feel the pleasure, even wandering around the Ghent streets.

Each house is interesting in its own style and looks completely different in daylight and with night illumination in winter. Therefore, you need to allocate a whole day to Ghent, and it is really worth it. A good guide will tell you a lot of interesting details about the history of the city and its inhabitants and also will show secret signs. Without a guide, you can just idly walk around the city, drink beer in numerous cafes, visit museums and take pictures around everywhere.


You just read about three Belgian cities that will undoubtedly replenish your joy. In winter, you will feel more comfortable exploring Belgium because of its beautiful winter views and fewer tourists. The amazement to see the location in daylight and night and visit without a crowd (or with less crowd) would make you feel very excited.




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