What to Include and Not Include on Your Wedding Invitation with Photos


Just like with any type of party invitation, there is an etiquette that needs to be followed when you create your wedding invitations with photos. Despite the fact that it is possible for you to add more personality and style to your wedding invitations, you also do not need to forget to add decorum and discretion. These tips will help you properly prepare the wording for your wedding invitations.

Don’t Forget The Major Details: You may think that this is a very obvious tip. However, a lot of brides-to-be forget to add critical information to their wedding invitations with photos like their name and the name of their groom, and the date and location of their wedding ceremony.

Look Over Everything!!: You need to carefully look over your wedding invitations for errors and misprints. It would be very unfortunate if you are the bride that does not carefully read your invitations and you miss critical errors on them after the final proof has been turned in.

Be Very Clear About Who is Hosting The Ceremony: If wedding invitations with photos say Mr. and Mrs. (fill in the blank) request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their daughter (fill in the blank), that is a subtle way of saying that the bride’s parents will be paying for the wedding. Even though you have more options when it comes to the wording of your wedding invitations, you need to give credit where it is due when you are putting the hosts of your wedding on the invitations.

Keep the Wedding Invitation Wording Invariable: If your wedding is going to be a more formal type of wedding (which should have a more formal invitation to go with it), then all of the information needs to be written out including the date and the time of your ceremony. For example, if your wedding is on Saturday, February 20, 2021, then you need to have the date written as “Saturday, the twentieth of February, two-thousand, and twenty-one at five o’clock in the evening.” That is a lot of words but is necessary for a formal wedding invitation as it makes it sound more elegant. If your wedding is more casual in nature, you can make your invitations more casual by adding the numbers if you would like to.

Be Informed of When it is Important to Send Out Individual Invitations: If a family has children that are all under the age of eighteen, it is okay to send the whole family one wedding invitation with photos. However, if a family has a child over the age of eighteen that still lives at home, every child over the age of eighteen should receive their own individual wedding invitation. As long as a couple (whether they are married or not) resides at the same residence, it is okay for them to get one wedding invitation. If people live together but are not dating, then they should get their own wedding invitation.

Send The Invitations Out Six to Eight Weeks Before The Wedding: Sending out your wedding invitations any sooner than six to eight weeks before your wedding will make it more difficult for your wedding guests to get the time off of work, find someone to watch their children, and find lodging to stay at while they are attending your wedding.

What Not to Do: When creating your wedding invitation with photos, there are a few things that you need to avoid doing. You should put your reception information in small print at the bottom of your wedding invitation to avoid paying for another card. The wedding and reception are two separate events. Therefore, they should have separate invitations. You should also never ask your guests to bring you a gift. A gift from a wedding guest is supposed to show how they appreciate you, which is why you should never ask for a gift on your wedding invitations. You should also not mention your wedding registry or ask your guests for money. Finally, you should never print anything on the back of your wedding invitations. If you want to include additional information like the link to your wedding website, how to get to your venue or local hotel information, you need to have another card printed instead of having writing added to the back of your wedding invitation.

These tips and ideas will help you create a wedding invitation that your friends and family will love forever.




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