A hard drive is a magnetic disk on which computer data gets stored. The phrase ‘hard’ is used to differentiate it from floppy disks. Hard disk drives retain more data. These are faster than floppy disks.

It is a non-volatile memory hardware device that lastingly saves and retrieves data on a computer. In order to function properly, all computer devices need to install a hard disk drive. It stores and maintains files for the operating system, software programs, and a user’s confidential files.

A hard drive stores any form of data which includes pictures, videos, text documents, music and any downloaded or created files.


A hard drive clicking is a constant clicking noise also called as “click of death”, that indicates that hard drive failure is about to happen. A hard drive clicking noise is the outcome of the malfunctioning of the read-write actuator. The clicking noise could also be the upshot of either a software or hardware problem. In either case, the data from a clicking hard drive can be retrieved.


There are numerous reasons for a clicking hard drive:

  • PHYSICAL DAMAGE OF A HARD DRIVE: A hard disk crash may arise due to external factors like exposure to fire, water or high magnetic fields. The sharp impact of environmental contamination can also be the factor of the failure of the hard drive.

During the course of normal operation, a hard drive will experience normal wear and tear in its moving parts that can result in a usual failure and clicking noise.

  • DEFECTIVE PSU: A faulty PSU (Power Supply Unit) could cause a clicking sound on the hard drive.
  • DAMAGED PCB: The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and the HSA (Head Stack Assembly) can get damaged by power surges.
  • SERVICE AREA (SA) PROBLEMS: The service area could become corrupt through inaccuracy during module reading that results in a failure to translate the information on the drive. A SA stores manufacturer explicit data required for hard drive operation.
  • READ/WRITE HEADS MISALIGNMENT: If the hard drive is dropped or mishandled roughly, then the components such as the heads or spindle arms get misaligned.


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