Why Hair Transplant Revisions? The Anatomy of a Bad Hair Transplant

In the growing realm of hair transplant in India, the numbers of upcoming clinics are increasing exponentially. You can find hair transplant clinics now in every nook and corner especially in metro cities.

But are they genuine and practicing in a right way?? Seems doubtful….

Based on the idea of cheap hair transplant which they know is the most important consideration of cosmetic treatment like hair transplant they lure the patients and trap them. They usually recruit technicians thinking hair transplant to be an easy procedure by FUE method and without knowledge just randomly perform the procedure. People often get trapped by seeing the heavy discount and end up with disastrous results.

That’s when hair transplant revision comes into practice which is a procedure to perform wrong hair transplant correction. Imagine how disappointing it would be to achieve worse results after spending a handsome amount. Hence it is always advised to judiciously decide and think 10 times before choosing a hair transplant clinic.

Why hair transplant could go wrong???

There could be many reasons for hair transplant going wrong but every single reason points to unqualified surgeon and substandard clinic which stays the main culprit.

  1. Over harvesting: It is very well said that “half knowledge is worse than no knowledge” which seems true with present situation of hair transplant industry. Ideally the donor area has to be critically analyzed for extraction of adequate amount of hair follicles to avoid overharvesting, violation of safe area and density depletion. But the recruited technician by substandard clinics just knows how to punch and extract the graft and that’s what exactly they do. This leads to overharvesting and finally visibility of round scars along with density depletion of hairs in donor area.
  2. Visible scarring: FUE technique is misinterpreted as scarless technique as post healing almost invisible small round scars are formed which usually hides behind the growing hairs at donor area when performed by experienced surgeon. But when performed erroneously it leads to multiple large round scars which lead to bad looking results. The procedural error which leads to visible scars including:
  3. Cheaper punch system with high torque cause bigger scars.
  4. Close punching with large diameter device leads to formation of area of necrosis and hence results in big scar due to merging of two adjacent punch holes.
  5. Improper alignment of punch according to hair angle. FUE requires expert hands which judiciously decide the insertion of punch parallel to the hair angle. Vertical punching in all the hair follicle leads to damage to both scalp skin and hair follicle leading to graft damage and large visible scar.
  6. Wrong punch size leads to large scars. Punch size should be appropriately decided by the thickness of hair and density of hair at the donor area.
  7. Breaching the confines of safe area:The decision of number of grafts extracted should be made critically so as to preserve the safe donor area. Inexperienced technicians often breach the safe area which affects the permanency of results and leads to loss of density in transplanted area.
  8. Graft damage: Experienced hands are competent to reduce the damage rate which is more in FUE hair transplant technique being a blind procedure to extract the grafts. But technician performs it free handedly and ends up with more graft damage which in turn leads to density depletion in donor area and inappropriate coverage in the recipient area.

Hence, FUE technique is successful when performed by expert hands and requires sound decision making which can only be justified by qualified surgeons. FUT technique requires higher level of surgical skills but have certain added advantages over FUE. Hence, FUT is majorly avoided by such clinics with unqualified surgeons and inadequate equipments.

When to say anatomy of hair transplant “bad”?

  1. A doll’s head look which occurs due to using large size punch while transplanting giving ugly appearance in the recipient site.
  2. Placing multiple grafts in the frontal line and temporal triangles leaving unnatural appearance.
  3. Large round scars which occurs due to graft harvesting by large size punch.
  4. Ugly FUT scar when performed inappropriately that cannot be hidden with hairs.
  5. Linearly arranged hair in the frontal line and temporal triangles giving fake looking results.
  6. Unnatural hairline designing.
  7. Poor growth in recipient area and density depletion in donor area.
  8. Vertically implanted grafts which give fake appearance.

Dr Suneet Soni is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in India and is well known for not only his excellent surgical skills but also his extraordinary artistic skills. His passion for achieving the best aesthetic outcome in every patient of hair transplant has made us the best hair transplant clinic in India. Every year with progressive rate he is dealing with hair transplant revision cases and fortunately most of them have become our happy patient which is an achievement for us.

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