6 Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Environmentally-Friendly


We might not give it much thought, but constantly using our bathroom several times a day can have a negative effect on our ecosystem. And how is this possible? Because of the items we constantly use when we’re fixing ourselves up – hair care, dental care, air freshener, makeup, etc. – especially those that rely on a plethora of resources such as water, electricity, and gas, depending on the kind of hot water heater we use.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t pamper yourself at all or look indecent, just that you should ease up on causing mother nature harm. So how do we opt for a more eco-friendly approach? That’s where this article comes in. Here are a couple of greener methods you can use to both save the environment and still enjoy the pleasures of bathing and getting ready for the day:

1.  Reduce Your Time in the Showers

Most people love a nice hot bath, but spending too much time there can really add up costs on water usage. Therefore, we suggest you set up a more efficient shower routine for yourself or keep a timer to ensure you’re not spending a lot of time, water, and money in the process.

If you love spending a lot of time in the shower for your own privacy, then we suggest getting a high-efficiency showerhead where you’ll be using less water no matter how much time you spend.

2.  Use LED Bulbs

Water isn’t the only thing that you can save upon. LED bulbs don’t just cut your electricity bills short, but also help save the planet we live in. An LED bulb’s efficiency is between 80-90%, which is the amount of energy that is converted into light instead of heat. Standard incandescent bulbs lose about 80% of their energy as heat, making them only 20% efficient.

LED bulbs also come with a set of lighting effects that create the ideal look and mood from accent lighting to spotlights for mirrors.

3.  Check Your Taps

If you’re one of those folks who keep their water tap running while washing your hands with soap or brushing your teeth, nix this habit right away because you’ll end up wasting more water than necessary.

You can go a step further by installing water-efficient bathroom faucets. This helps reduce the flow of water so you can use them for washing your hands as much as you would with regular faucets.

4.  Get Rid of Vinyl Shower Curtain Liners

Shower curtains, especially those made from vinyl material, are really bad for the planet. Not only are they non-recyclable, but they also give off harmful fumes when burned. According to a study by a non-profit organization called the Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ), it reports that shower curtains can be toxic to one’s health.

You can use non-PVC shower curtains instead, or a shower screen if you’re just renovating your bathroom. These curtains have a long shelf life, are much easier to clean, and are very eco-friendly. You can also opt for glass shower screens as they can be recycled easily when it’s time to remodel.

5.  Find and Fix Leaks and Drips

Most of us won’t even bat an eye when it comes to a minor sink leak or a dripping faucet, but believe it or not, household leaks lead to approximately 900 billion gallons of wasted water annually nationwide. That’s the same annual household water usage of almost 11 million homes. And besides costing homeowners thousands in a year, water waste also leads to harmful effects on the environment.

Therefore, you should regularly inspect all of your house’s fixtures and connections and if you spot a leak or some drips, fix it right there and then. You’ll find that most leaks can be fixed quickly by your own hands where you don’t even have to call a plumber for it.

6.  Don’t Throw Away Your Towel After Using it Once

Don’t throw your towel away into the laundry after using it once. After all, you’re just using it to dry off your body. So hang it up several times before you put it for washing. This will save you water, energy, and also time.




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