Why Autumn is the Best Time for Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows


Autumn, or fall if you like, comes with the colorful display of foliage on our lawns and the lively cheer of kids as they enjoy romps in the fallen leaves and cooler weather. You probably have in mind the crisp sound of dry leaves as you walk or drive on them. The season calls to mind the fun of Halloween and the warmth of family on Thanksgiving. And well, children have finally returned to school.

But autumn also announces the coming of winter, and with it, the biting cold that keeps our thermostats running and our windows shut tight. But do our closed windows still allow some air to slip in and offset the temperatures within the home? If that should be the case, it’s time to think about window replacement. What type of window should you go for and why?

We reached out to Dan Hatcher, a specialist in window replacement in Round Rock TX for the inside scoop on why fall is the perfect time for vinyl replacement windows. Here are some tips.

Go Vinyl for Energy Efficiency

Replacing your window comes with an aesthetic and practical function. You certainly don’t want anyone gasping in disbelieve at the site of your ugly looking windows. And that’s not to mention the feeling of uneasiness if you live in a home were looking out at an unappreciated view. But that may not happen easily because we all love beauty and are conscious about how our windows look. What might happen, instead, is making the wrong choice of a window at the risk of energy wastage. Going for energy-efficient vinyl windows is an optimum selection for two key reasons:

– Contemporary market options for vinyl windows are energy efficient because they are made with foam-enhanced frames, warm spacers, and low-emission glass. This blocks energy transfer between the inside and the outside and enhances consistency in temperature levels within the home. Thus, you are reducing energy costs.

– Vinyl frames are durable compared to materials like wood. This means that the risk of air transfer is preempted for several years. It also means that the homeowner saves on both the cost of replacing windows every season and the expenses of lost energy.

Why Vinyl Windows in Autumn?

As earlier alluded to, autumn has a pleasant climate that gives life a lively feel. From a window replacement perspective, the compactness of vinyl windows makes them an excellent window replacement option in preparation for winter. But there are several reasons why installing vinyl windows is best done in autumn.

1 – You can afford some hours of an open window space:

Your window installer will need to remove the old window and repair any rots on the window casing before installing the new one. The pleasant autumn climate allows you to accomplish this home improvement without exposing yourself to the extremes of summer heat or winter cold.

2 – You gain in energy savings:

By replacing your windows in the fall, you anticipate the benefits of energy-saving in winter by ensuring a regulated temperature level in the home. Saving on energy has positive benefits on your pocket as well.

3 – You might get to enjoy discounts on window installation:

Most people tend to do window installation in spring and summer. That leaves later into the autumn less packed with orders and window installation companies are trying to maximize sales before winter sets in. This fact increases the odds you’ll possibly find cheaper deals.

4 – You will not need to wait:

Since the busy spring and summer seasons are over, the window replacement work will be done faster, and you will not need to wait for weeks or even months. The long lists of window replacement jobs have become shorter.

5 – You enjoy a blend of beauty with the fall colors:

The pleasant appearance of brand spanking new windows looks excellent in the natural beauty of autumn colors. You can enjoy the uplifting scenery for the season before the dull winter sets in.

6 – You preempt the winter damage on your windows:

If you have old windows when the winter extremes set in, your windows are more prone to damage from the low temperatures. If you should discover air leaks from a crack in the frame or warping sealant at the peak of summer, replacing your windows at this time is perfect. It means stopping the tons of freezing air flying into your house and paying massive energy costs all the long wintertime months.

A Double Benefit

While vinyl gives you the protection of airtight windows, installing them in fall doubles the benefit by getting you prepared for the cold winter and maximizing on the low season of window installation to get cheaper and faster deals.




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