Why are car companies marketing their brand online and buy likes on Instagram?

It’s 2020, and the art of marketing a brand has changed! No more do companies and brands focus only on print, television, and electronic media advertisements as a part of their marketing strategy. Online marketing has been gaining prominence for years now. And in 2020, keeping in mind the pandemic outbreak, online marketing is the savior. Currently, car brands are using Instagram as an online marketing and brand promotion platform. It helps them get in touch with their customers without coming in close contact, which serves to maintain social distancing.

Car brands can buy likes on Instagram

There are several reasons car brands have decided to market their brand offerings and brand stories on Instagram. One of the primary reasons is that they can add more “likes” that are not an organic increase. Today, car brands can join hands with companies that enable them to buy likes on Instagram and gain mileage to their posts. It attracts more views and draws in more followers, making a brand achieve its social media currency. It helps to maximize the brand recall value as well.  

The other reasons for which leading car brands use Instagram as their social media marketing platform include:

1. Image posts look stunning

Instagram initially started as a photo-sharing website and app. Today, it has developed as a social media platform that brands and social media influencers use to promote their views, ideas, and products and create an impact. Also, a high-end and explicit image can draw in more likes and user engagement. Instagram allows automobile brands to share stunning photos because of their image filters and editing tools.

Car brands need to get the images correct to draw in more leads and convert them to customers. While viewing well-edited pictures of car models on Instagram, every car lover visualize how Instagram image worthy the same would be. People love to flaunt their accomplishments on social media. Hence, it is evident that attractive car images on Instagram will encourage users to get interested and purchase. Furthermore, car brands can make aesthetic image posts on Instagram and other informative and CTA (Calls to Action) driven posts. It is essential to ensure that the images aren’t highly edited, as that might make them lose clarity and appear grained.

2. They can target millennials

According to Gartner’s research, the millennial section is the leading buyers of accommodation units and cars. Most brands try to connect and communicate with the youth, as they are receptive to new ideas and are willing to try new products. The youth section is also cyber-savvy and follows brands online to know their story and share interesting posts on their timeline. Car brands can enjoy quality engagement amongst the youth when they promote their brand on Instagram. Also, it leads to quality social shares that help to act as word of mouth publicity.

3. The black theme is an advantage

It’s been a while that Instagram has come up with the black theme, which acts as a benefit for auto brands visually. The black Instagram theme adds to the car launches’ overall appeal and its images that brands share on Instagram. The posts look impressive, and the colors appear vivid and striking against the black theme. The theme also provides a professional look that helps the car brands attract more buyers and followers. The overall look of the Instagram profile is classy, which again tweaks the interest of social influencers and other relevant entities whose presence in your Instagram account matters.

4. Instagram stories are a smart brand promotion tool

Car brands today are making the most of Instagram Stories to share important updates. It could be news links about your brand and how it has been joining hands with government and other social initiatives to help people survive through the pandemic outbreak. The story is a space where car brands can share news links, promotional deals, and details, announce a crucial partnership, and various other brand-related updates and developments. Since the stories disappear every 24 hours, your followers will look forward to the updates. It helps elaborate on the Instagram Story updates as an Instagram post with relevant homages and content.

5. You can use IGTV for your advance

You can release your latest TV advertisement commercial or a video of the newest car launch on IGTV. It is an excellent space to add in long-format videos, like vehicle launches and interviews of eminent spokesperson. You can also organize a live session on the launch date to assess the audience’s reaction and perception. Furthermore, you can also share a pre-recorded message by the senior management on IGTV and make inside the company video posts.

Your customers want to know your auto brand personally. With Instagram, car brands can take on an informal tone that will impress many and help them market the brand hassle-free.  

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