Why a Newverest Scratch Off Map is Better than a Travel Scrapbook

When we go on trips, we take a thousand pictures and buy a million souvenirs. But knick-knacks break and T-shirts fade. What better souvenir is there than a Newverest scratch off travel map? It’s interactive, beautiful, and will last you forever. And when you’re back at home, your scratch map will remind you of all the places you’ve visited while helping you plan new places to see. Your sense of wonder only grows the more you travel, and it cannot be contained in a mere scrapbook.

Every Newverest scratch map is printed on high-quality paper that looks gorgeous on your wall. You can easily frame them or use the included adhesive stickers to hang them right out of the package. Don’t worry; the stickers won’t damage your walls. Choose between Newverest’s World scratch map or their USA scratch off map. They make children’s editions of both, so even your little tykes can get in on the fun.

Inspire adventure in your children now with a scratch off travel map, and it will last them throughout their life. Discover new places together, and spark their imagination. But don’t forget about yourself. You’ve got your own imagination to encourage. A scratch off travel map motivates you to see new places while reminding you of the ones you’ve already been to.

Every time you look at your scratch off travel map, you’ll remember the journeys you’ve taken throughout your life. Was it a road trip? An airplane? A train? You can actually mark the route you took on your scratch map so you’ll never forget it. Start a scratch off map with your spouse and teach your children about all the places you’ve gone together. Maybe you’ll want to start a new scratch off travel map together as a family.

No scrapbook or mere picture can instill the sense of wonder as a Newverest scratch map. You only have to look at your map to see that the entire world is at your fingertips. See the places you’ve visited and instantly be transported back to that little coffee shop you found in the middle of the city, or that store off the beaten path where you spent an hour talking to some locals who told you about all the best nightspots.

It doesn’t matter how much you put into a scrapbook, you’ll never feel as inspired as you will actually seeing your journey laid out before your eyes on a scratch map. As your children grow and your life expands, so too will your adventures. You’ll make new memories to mark on your scratch map, but your old memories will always be present. They can never be erased from your scratch map or your mind, and that makes a Newverest scratch off map better than a travel scrapbook any day of the week.

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