When and How to use Medical maks?

Is the pandemic horrifying you? Are you worried about going outside to buy groceries? Are you worried if you catch the virus from a COVID-19 patient unknowingly? IF these series of questions are haunting your mind then you are in right place. Today in this article I am going to share all about medical masks.

Starting with a very basic, We will discuss what is a medical mask and how it will protect you from inhaling particles suspended in the air? Next, I will throw light on types of masks and finally how to use medical masks.

What is Medical Mask?

A medical mask or Surgical mask is also known as a procedure mask is intended to wear by health professionals during surgery or any surgical procedure. The mask intended to safeguard us from infections. The infections enter our body through sense organs, mainly the mouth, and nasal passages. So it is very important to wear a medical mask in case of infection.

In the world, infection is spreading like a jungle in the fire, Right? I am talking about COVID-19. To protect yourself from infection, wear a mask when you go outside.

How to Use masks?

Only using a medical mask can not protect you against coronavirus. You have to follow some other preventive measures as well.

  1. Before putting on a mask, clean your hands with alcohol-based soap or liquids.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth with the mask ensuring that there is no gap between your face and the mask.
  3. After using the mask, dispose of it properly and Wash your hands.

Never ever use single-time usage masks with more than one time.

Do not touch the mask while using it.

When to use masks?

  1. If you have a cough, sneeze, or difficulty in breathing, wear a medical mask.
  2. If you are taking care of a person who is infected with Coronavirus, Wear a mask.
  3. While going outside, wear a mask to protect yourself and to protect others.

How mask protect you from Infection?

Types of masks?

Broadly classified, there are 4 types of masks generally used. Following is the list:

1) Cloth Mask

A cloth mask is a simple mask, you can easily make at home by folding your handkerchief in such a way that it protects you from exposure to the outside environment.

2) Surgical mask

A surgical mask, on the other hand, is a medical device that Blocks large particles expelled by you, the wearer when you are ill, from reaching the environment.

3) N95 Respirator

The N95 respirator is a medical device that Lessens your susceptibility to very small airborne contaminants. This May does not protect against sprays and direct liquid splashes.

4) Surgical N95 Respirator

This combines the benefits of both Surgical masks and N95 respirators. It is used as a barrier from large drops of blood and body fluids as well as very small particles, those produced from coughing.

The cloth masks and Medical masks do not fit tightly while N95 respirator and surgical N95 Fit tightly on your face.

Specifications to consider while purchasing a medical Mask


  • There must be the manufacturer name printed on the mask
  • Filteration efficiency must be 85% or more.
  • The expiry date must be mentioned.
  • Good fitting


  • Filter the efficiency of 95%.
  • Good fit.
  • Carry instructions on how to wear and discard the respirator.

Final Note

Hey readers, thank you for reading so far. I hope you would like this brief information about Medical masks, a must use in time of the pandemic, COVID-19.

Use the masks, Stay quarantine, Stay isolated. Take care!

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