What You Should Know About Buying Fallout 4

Planning on buying Fallout 4? You can be rest assured in your mind that this is a superb game. It is a well-designed, properly thought out realistic game that’s fun to play. It can, however, be a little bit confusing for new players to get the gist of it. It can be a bit to get used to when you first get started and learn how to progress throughout the game-play.

But not to worry. Here are some important pointers that you should be aware of when buying Fallout 4:

  1. Maintain An Open Mind With Regards To Factions

There are some fascinating things that Fallout 4 does with the main story of the game as well as factions. As you progress in the gameplay after buying it, you will have a proper idea of who the bad and the good guys are. Don’t make these observations as the final conclusion though. The world in the game is quite complex and keeps changing every so often.

Near the end of the game’s story is the ideal point to make a final choice about the factions. At this point in time, you’ll have access to different characters and quest lines, all of which can lay a concrete argument of each faction case. This, however, remains a valid trail of thought if you don’t kill faction members arbitrarily.

Get to understand both sides in order to get a clear idea of which side to support on your second play-through.

  1. Charisma Or Some Fancy Clothes Will Do You Good

Depending on how you want to play Fallout 4 after buying it, you may want to consider Charisma as your dump stat choice. It, however, will make life in the game more difficult.

Adding some points in the stat that controls persuasion will boost your odds of talking yourself out of problems. This can give you an easy leeway through certain challenges that are considered to be quite tricky.

If you lack the points for Charisma, you can consider getting some fancy clothes such as a sequin dress, tuxedo, or any other item that boosts Charisma and tag it along with you.

Keep in mind that the new cinematic conversions in Fallout 4 allow you to walk away at any time. As such, if a color-coded dialogue option indicates a Charisma challenge that you feel you’re not properly dressed for pops up, you can always back away from it without answering. You can exit the conversation, change into a fancy attire, and then jump back to the challenge.

  1. Keep Track Of The Bobbleheads

If you are a first time player of Fallout 4, it’s important to be aware that there are Bobbleheads in the game that serve as promotional vault-tec items. They are found in the Commonwealth, Appalachia, and the Capital Wasteland.

These Bobbleheads provide a boost to specific aspects of your game character. There are 20 of these Bobbleheads that you have to find. Knowing their locations minimizes any backtracking you may encounter when handling missions.

To help you find them easily, here is a detailed description of each of the bobblehead locations.

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