What to Consider Before You Buy a Mobile Home


If you consider purchasing a manufactured house, there are various options and types of it. It would be wise to learn more about mobile houses before you jump in. Before you dive into materials on https://mobilehomelife.org and consume volumes of them, it’s better to define the most basic choice: the type.

Which type of house do you want? Unlike site-built houses that exist in hundreds of variants, manufactured homes are easy to sort. Usually, only three types are mentioned; we will follow the tradition here.

How We Sort Manufactured Homes

While there are many parameters of manufactured homes, from wall and skirting materials to Energy Star compliance, there is only one that defines the type. This is logical because it’s the most important factor in terms of living. That’s the case when size matters. So, we sort homes into types simply by their size.

The first question you might ask yourself before buying a house is how many people are supposed to live there. If you don’t do it, it’s probably because you know the answer and have even done a little family planning. Add possible circumstances like a long visit of a certain number of people and do the math before picking the type.

3 Types of Manufactured Homes

There are three main types of manufactured homes. As you know, they are defined size-wise.

1. Single-wide

The name speaks for itself. The area of such a house is usually from 600 to 1.300 square feet, though it can be larger or smaller. The width of it is about 18 ft, while the length can reach 90 ft. Usually, these houses have only one floor. The number of rooms differs.

It’s a good option for a single person, a couple without children, or a family with one or two kids. These homes are highly customizable. Easy to transport in one piece, they are delivered already assembled, so the waiting time is shorter.

2. Double-wide

It’s an option for a bigger family or for one that likes throwing parties. Strangely, these are not much larger in size: The width reaches up to 20 ft, and the length is about the same as 90 ft. The difference is in how they are arranged, so the square increases to 1,000 — 2,600 square feet. This home arrives in two sections that are assembled in one right at the site. The result more resembles a site-built home.

These homes are heavier and need a sturdier foundation. On the other hand, if so, you can allow a basement, a solid skirting, and other bonuses that make living in it better.

3. Triple-wide

Anything that’s above double-wide qualifies. Usually, these homes arrive in three or more sections; they have more rooms, and their area is much larger. There are many variations, because “anything bigger than double-wide” is a rather vague definition, though accepted by the industry. Another advantage that comes when you don’t have to keep it compact is the ability to expand the building with new units. However, these are also the most expensive ones.

Are There Any Other Types?

It would be logical to assume that, along with these types, there are also “single-narrow” or “quadruple-wide” types, but they don’t exist.

  • the minimal width of 18 ft that characterizes the single-wide type is quite narrow, so “wide” means rather the type of the parameter than its value;
  • there are compound manufactured houses that would qualify as “quadruple-wide”… if this category ever existed. In practice, “triple-wide” is a cover term that applies to “real” triple-wide homes and everything above it.

Was this article helpful for you? Which type of mobile home do you prefer? If you have anything to add or a question to ask, welcome to the comments section below!


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