The Importance of Seal Integrity Testing in the Food Industry


Testing the integrity of a package seal is part of the rigorous quality control processes essential for ensuring that food products delivered to clients meet quality and safety standards. Sustainable packaging prevents food spoilage. At the same time, it optimizes its nutritional value and protects consumers’ health. Every business must ensure the integrity of its packaging seal to extend product shelf life and cut spoilage costs. Package seal testing is a way for companies in the food industry to build brand reputation and expand their consumer base.

Seal Integrity Testing Methods

Seal integrity testing companies employ different technologies and tools to conduct accurate and seamless tests. Leaks in package containers expose stored foods to bacteria and contamination, spoiling or affecting their quality. At Seal-Check, we utilize world-class seal integrity testing methods confirmed to meet internationally-accepted quality and safety standards. Our bubble leak testing technology meets ASTM D3078 testing standard, while the altitude simulation testing meets the ASTM D6653 testing standard. As for dry chamber tests, they meet all ASTM D5094 testing standards. Here are the benefits you reap from trusting our seal integrity testing solutions.

Prevents Food Spoilage

Our seal integrity tester evaluates your product package to detect defects and locate leaks. Identifying and sealing flaws at the warehouse improves your food products’ shelf stability and microbial sterility. Our high-end airborne ultrasound, laser-based headspace analysis, vacuum decay, and helium trace technologies can detect even the smallest of seal leaks.

We aim to help you cut unnecessary costs and damages due to substandard food package seals. We know the losses a business incurs when food products are exposed to organic contaminants due to ineffective package seals. Whether you sell pet food, salad, baked food, or other perishable products, we guarantee value for money in every food package seal integrity test we conduct.

Helps Products Meet All Transportation Requirements

Transportation can affect the integrity of food products, especially if the package seals are substandard. Transport puts pressure on the packaging, compromising the quality and causing leaks. Our well-controlled food package integrity seal testing reinforces the quality of your packaging. That way, it can bear high and fluctuating altitudes when moved from one place to another. Our preventative testing also reduces product waste. It ensures all the food packaging is up to par with all transportation requirements and demands. 

Improves Consumer Trust and Brand Image

When you trust our high-quality seal integrity testing solutions at Seal-Check, you will get a boost in your consumer trust and brand image. Delivering spoiled or poorly packaged food products to your clients leaves a dent in your brand’s image and reputation. The more products you provide to clients with damaged packaging, the more your reputation will suffer.

Testing package integrity is the best way to strengthen consumer trust and protect your reputation. Our seal integrity tests reduce instances when clients complain of substandard packaging or spoilt food products caused by seal leaks. You would not want your brand to lose its reputation because of faulty packaging, so why not trust us with all your food packaging seal testing? At Seal-Check, we are exceptionally good at handling all kinds of seal integrity tests. Vertical form fill seal machine manufacturers specialize in producing efficient packaging solutions for various industries.


The food industry is one of the few that greatly benefits from seal integrity tests. Perishable goods can spoil quickly and when you least expect it, costing your business a lot in the long run and damaging your reputation. Instead of taking chances, why not get your food package tested and the integrity of the seals confirmed by experienced industry specialists? No matter your food package testing needs and budget, we at Seal-Check have your back.




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