What is WireWallet?

The WireWallet has already implemented in every country and any cell you can transfer or receive money quickly and safely but brings benefits using this platform.

The digital transformation is causing more technologies to emerge that make everyday life easier.

The current manager of the Electronic Money explains why it is so important to have such a platform, especially in a country like worlds, with a low level of bank access and high standards of insecurity.

A clear example is wallet payment, an operation that requires less time and is very comfortable for the customer.

WireWallet payments

The development of financial systems and advances in information technology have allowed the emergence of these new means of payment, which increasingly use worldwide.

Electronic payment systems allow financial transactions between two parties, through a financial entity authorized by both.

In general, these means of payment are characterized by the ease, flexibility and security to carry out transactions.

However, users must know what the advantages and disadvantages of each means of payment are and, second, analyze what option is convenient for them to use.

Among the leading electronic payment methods, we can mention debit cards, credit cards, the mobile wallet and internet transactions – electronic banking.


Citizen insecurity is a scourge that strikes all kinds of banking.

The WireWallet will allow transactions of up to without loading the cash, and within six months, you can even pay for services.

Protected money

The system has the highest levels of security in the technological part, commercially certified by international banking system so and there is no way to lose a penny.

Speed ​​when carrying out the transactions, since, through the website, the user links the credit or debit cards, and you can start using this service.

The possibility of making payments with mobile phones makes the fact that there is no money in the wallet no longer a problem.

Neither is it necessary to carry receipts and vouchers since all the payment information would register on the device.


The users of the electronic wallet will only take seconds to carry out their transactions at the cost of just no cost per operation, and if they want to withdraw money from the fund.

No restrictions

Wallets are one of the four countries that have interoperability, that is, it does not matter from which financial company or which telecommunications company the customer is, you can always send the money.

Find out everything you can do with the new Personal Wallet application, now with a better design and more features.

With WireWallet you can locate the premises to carry out your Loads, Money Orders or Money Withdrawals.

  • Access Transaction History
  • They are safer than using cash.
  • They allow you to pay for goods or services immediately or faster.
  • They allow easy control over operations and expenses.
  • They can be used to make purchases over the Internet.
  • In some cases, they help build a credit history.
  • They allow access to financial products and services.

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