All About WireWallet

Today, more and more Europeans country are using electronic money. The number of WireWallet is one in the millions. Consider the advantages.

At its core, an electronic wallet is an analogue of a bank account. It is an online wallet website that allows you to store your money electronically, as well as make payments and transfers.

The wallet can quickly replenish, and the types of currencies can be different – it all depends on the features of the payment system in which you have a wallet.


Perhaps the main plus of having an electronic wallet is the ability to pay for goods and services anywhere in the world.

There are practically no restrictions on payments – in addition to stores, these are mobile communications, TV and the Internet, payment of all kinds of receipts, including utilities, repayment of loans and much more.

Also, the wallet allows you to transfer money – to the account of another wallet, a bank card, through money transfer systems.

WireWallet is a convenient way to accept payments, for example, if you are a freelancer or a beginner. Or you are raising funds for a project or charity.

It is convenient to replenish the wallet, but it is impossible to lose it. In the case of hacking, there are mechanisms for the return of funds. Also, unlike a bank card, using an electronic wallet is free.

Popular payment systems

There are many payment systems where you can get an electronic wallet—the electric payment service with wallets.

Money explicitly creates for USD. It is convenient; you can use it immediately after registration. True, he works only with the US dollars. And this, according to users, is one of its main drawbacks.

Today, from an electronic wallet on WireWallets, you can make most payments. Replenishing it is also quite simple.

You can do this in cash – at payment terminals, bank branches, and mobile communication offices.

Replenishment is possible from a bank card, including through the Internet bank, from a mobile phone and the account of another electronic wallet.

You can withdraw money from your wallet in several ways: transfer it to the wallet.

Money card (a free card that users can apply for), to another bank card or account, or through a money transfer system.


To use the WireWallet to be truly secure, you need to remember simple rules. The password for entering the system must be reliable, do not inform third parties about it.

You do not need to install a reliable antivirus.

Remember about phishing – a form of fraud when scammers send emails and SMS messages to trick you into accessing your money.

If you ask to send money, open a link or provide your data, do not rush – first, make sure that this is not fraud (phishing).

Deceivers call, send letters and SMS to steal money or gain access to accounts. Money warned.

Phishing can calculate if you ask to provide passwords or account details, require you to act quickly, “before it’s too late” or promise to win, most likely they are scammers.

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