What Is The Most Common Motorcycle Injury?

For some people, motorcycles are the steel horses with which they can ride independently. It’s a symbol of robustness and rebellion. Many people prefer using a bike over the car as it is fuel-efficient and thrilling.

Nonetheless, riding a motorcycle on the open road can also be dangerous. The majority of the motorcyclists confronts motorbike accident every year. Unluckily, 80% of them end up with either severe injury or death.

The percentage is really high, and not all of them confront similar injuries. So, what is the most common motorcycle injury? We’ll talk about them below. As a motorcyclist, you should know them to take the necessary precautions.

What Is The Most Common Motorcycle Injury?

There are many types of motorcycle injuries you might suffer in a motorcycle accident. No matter how minor the injury is, it is essential to identify the type of injury. So, you can understand what safety gear you’ll need soon.

Here are the most common motorcycle injury;

·       Bone Fracture

Bone fracture is the most common type of injury associated with motorbike accidents. The broken leg is the top among body fractures. Since the motorbike accident takes place too quickly, so the rider does not get the time to move his leg.

So, they fall down on their legs, and it results in a break. Wrist and arm fractures are also a common type of fracture. The rider uses their arms and hands to make balance after falling. And, it breaks at the end.

Moreover, the rider can also have shoulder and pelvis fractures. That’s the reason; motorbike drivers use gloves to protect their hand and body armor to protect their bodies.

·       Head Injuries

Head injuries are always serious in a motorcycle accident. These can cause disability and even death in most cases. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the most common type of head injury in a motorcycle accident.

A TBI may have life-long side effects, including sleep apnea, seizures, thinking difficulties, etc. It depends on what part of your brain is damaged. That’s why it is necessary to wear a helmet to protect the head.

Statistics say that wearing a helmet can minimize the chances of death from 29%-35%.  It also reduces the depth of head injury.

·       Road Rash

In a car accident, the car itself acts as a protector for the driver in case of accidents. However, the motorbike doesn’t have that protector. So, the motorbike rider slides sideways over the pavement.

Road rash occurs because of the abrasion with the road surface. As their clothing is too thin, the pavement scrapes reach to their skin. Depending on the situation, you may have a mild or severe type of road rash.

It can be scraped and cut. Or else, it can also be permanent damages like infections, skin irritations, and nerve damage. Road rash can be classified in three degrees;

  • The first degree is when the skin looks red.
  • The second degree is when the upper skin surface is damaged, but the inner skin surface is undamaged.
  • The third degree is when the upper skin is entirely removed.

You must need immediate medical treatment in case of a third-degree road rash. That’s why it is essential to wear protective clothing while driving a motorcycle.

·       Muscle Damage

During a motorcycle accident, muscle damage is another common type of injury, and from the 600 muscles in the human body, any of them can be damaged. In most simple cases, you can have sprains.

However, extreme road crashes can result in broken bones, rapture near muscular tissue, etc. It means the harder you ride, the severe injury you can have.

·       Facial Injury

It somehow related to the head injury. If you wear a helmet, you can save your face from any type of injury. But, most helmet (half or three-quarter) will not protect your face. You can have cut, scrape, bruise, or a concussion.

·       Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury is less common in a motorbike accident. Still, you can have spinal cord injury based on the harshness of the impact. It can cause numbness, or sometimes it results in paralysis in any part of the body.

·       Emotional Trauma

Though the least considered, yet it can be proved as one of the worst injuries. Many motorbike accident victim goes through Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for years and more. Your body can heal, but the mind cannot, for most cases.


Up to now, you know, what is the most common motorcycle injury? If you ever experience any of these, seek medical attention immediately. Still, it is better to be careful beforehand.

You can also seek legal help depending on your accident and injury. Having a good lawyer by your side can help you claim compensation from insurance companies.

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