The internet is a vast marketplace that offers an opportunity for all types of organizations to sell their brands to a broad global market. However, with growing competition every day, it is vital to adopt a digital marketing strategy to ensure your business benefits adequately from the online market. 

PPC, an abbreviated form of pay-per-click, is a marketing strategy in which digital publishers such as youtube charge advertisers a relative price each time a web user clicks on their banner ads. 

YouTube ppc ads

Many brands have discovered the value of adding youtube in their marketing strategies thanks to digital marketing agencies like MagnifyLab that help companies get the most out of youtube advertising. Youtube is among the most visited sites worldwide, and this allows companies to use youtube advertising to reach a vast potential market. 

Here are a couple of youtube video optimizations you can make to help your PPC agency in London develop your campaigns and attract the most traffic than your competitors on youtube. 

The title and description

The only way youtube knows about what your video is about is through your title and description. They rely heavily on the words surrounding the video; therefore, your title should have 50 to 60 characters and include the most popular search phrases. 

Video keywords

Video keywords or youtube tags are words that you can include in your description to help youtube rank your video for the targeted keyword. You can include names, places, product types, or brand names relevant to the video to rank it higher on the search platform.

Promote your video 

You need to promote your video across other online communities or channels. The quality of your video and the number of views help you get a higher ranking on the YouTube channel.

Encourage subscribing and linking

Subscribing and linking are potent tools that youtube uses to rank your videos on the search platform. You can use channel linking to related content by the same brand to keep your audience engaged with what you are offering.

If someone subscribes to your video after watching it, it sends a signal to youtube that your video is excellent. Encourage people to subscribe, view, and comment on your YouTube videos.

Create a playlist

The easiest way to get more ranking in the youtube search is by organizing your videos into a rich keyword playlist. A playlist gives you an added advantage as it allows you to feature your content with related brands that makes your audience keep coming back for more.

Add captions, transcriptions, and translations

It is essential to add transcriptions and captions to your video like a text-by-text version or explaining audio cues to reach a broader YouTube market. It is for accomodating all types of clients, including those with hearing impairment.

In addition to that, including translations is an excellent way of accessing wide and new markets globally.

Use of custom thumbnails

Most people use youtube on small screens; therefore, it is best to use a thumbnail dimension that is customizable to all sizes. Avoid ambiguous texts and use brand colors and typography that are eye-catching when scrolling through a feed.

The bottom line

Leveraging on the above-enlisted factors that youtube uses in ranking videos is the key to getting at the top of the search results list and attracting more traffic to your site.




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