Five Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign


To improve your digital marketing campaign, you must hire a web designer company and create a professional and user-friendly website for your business. Do you know 81% of internet users judge any business by its website? This is why having a good-quality website has the potential to bring in new clients and customers, while a poorly made website could ultimately deter potential clients from wanting to do business with you.

Reasons You Need To Redesign Your Website Immediately

First impressions are lasting, and in many cases, your website is the first impression consumers receive of your company and brand. By visiting your online platform, your visitors determine what services you specialize in, and what they can expect from you. With this in mind, it is pretty clear to see why it is so important to have a relevant and up-to-date website that your users can easily navigate. The concept of redesigning your entire website can be daunting, but what better way to impress your audience than with an exceptional website built by a professional web design company. Here are five signs you need to redesign your website.

  • Mobile Incompatibility

Statistics show that in 2017 approximately 51% of online searches were made via smartphones. In the years following this statistic, the prevalence of mobile phones as a means of searching the web has only kept increasing at a rapid pace. Even Google has declared that the mobile compatibility factor will be taken into consideration before ranking a website, which means if your company’s website has not been optimized for mobile use, your website will not rank highly. The reason is quite clear. Most people use mobiles to search for information online. After all, it is the most convenient way to get access to search engines. If you notice that your brand’s website performs poorly on smartphones, this is a sign that it is time to redesign your website. Without optimizing your site for mobile use, you are missing the opportunity to promote your business to a significant proportion of search engine users.

  • Slow Speed

Does your website take forever to load? Well, this reason is enough to consider redesigning your website. In society today we have everything at our fingertips; we can download, upload, and visit any website we desire with a few clicks on our laptop or smartphone. While this has added an extra level of convenience, it also has caused our society to become increasingly impatient when we can’t get information as quickly as usual. Studies suggest 53% of smartphone users will leave a web page that takes more than three seconds to load. If you’ve noticed that your website is slower than most, it is time to redesign your website and optimize it for speed. This will not only ensure that your website runs smoothly, but it will also ensure that your visitors stay long enough to see your website. I recommend testing your site with Pingdom Speed test.

  • High Bounce Rate

Ever noticed that your visitors are leaving your website quickly without even venturing further than your home page? This is what we refer to as a high bounce rate, and it ultimately means people are clicking on your website and then leaving immediately. Many factors can contribute to a high bounce rate including poor design, outdated content, slow speed, and even mobile incompatibility. One of the main problems with having a high bounce rate is that visitors are not sticking around to view your other pages such as your services page, which generally means that this visitor won’t lead to a conversion of any kind. Hiring a professional web design agency could be the key to finding out the reason for your high bounce rate and resolving it with a redesign.

  • Your Website Design Is Outdated

Sure, it is the functionality of your website that matters the most. But your users also take the site’s design into account more than you may think. Based on the design and theme of your website, your users instantly make assumptions about your services. You don’t want your visitors to have a negative impression just because your website’s design is a bit outdated. To find out if your website is looking outdated, consider comparing your site to your competitors for some insight.

  • You Are Not Receiving Traffic And Conversions

There are multiple factors that affect the traffic and conversion of your website. Consumers visit your website to get answers to their questions. If they don’t find your website reliable and informative enough, they won’t stay on your page for long. In fact, chances are they will not visit your website again in the future. If you see a drop in your traffic or conversion rate, try redesigning your website.

A poorly designed website can hamper the overall development of your business, while a high-quality website can take your company to new heights. If you’re noticing any of the above issues with your website, the best thing to do is hire a web design company to redesign your website.




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