Vehicle accident injuries in California and unable to go to work and need to get money

Worried about how to get money while you have to stay at home, due to the severe injuries you have got during the vehicle accident. Now, you don’t need to, as there are proper rules and regulations which can help you get compensation for your job loss and other expenses. You have to contact a car accident lawyer San Diego, with expertise in dealing with such cases. 

Vehicle accidents are not restricted to cars and trucks; the riders also get into accidents with motorcycles. So, in order to handle these situations effectively, you need to consult an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer San Diego to help you get the compensation you deserve.

It is a common sight of seeing damaged vehicles on the busy roads of California these days. These accidents result in damage to vehicles, property, and in most cases, acute physical injuries. These physical injuries can affect your job status, temporarily or permanently taking the option of a job. An employment lawyer San Diego can effectively help you in such a situation.

Can I lose my job after an accident?

The first question that arises in the mind of the victim after the accident is about the surety of the job. A vehicle accident results in injuries that take weeks to months for complete recovery. These injuries sometimes completely deprive you of the ability to perform job tasks. Seeking a job these days is quite hard and you know it very well. 

Some companies have devised quite effective policies providing compensation to their employees, in case of such accidents. But others yet have to reach this professionalism. Fear of losing a job and source of income is always there. So, to get rid of this fear, you need to consult an attorney. There are several attorneys working out there to provide their clients the right in such cases.

The Medical Leave Law

In California Family and Medical Vacation Act Law was imposed in 1993. The law was imposed to take leave from the job to take care of your loved ones while they are sick. But, you can also get benefit from this law. The law gives you job security but, you won’t be paid for the time being you are not on work. Under this law, you can get an unpaid leave of 12 weeks per year when you are unable to perform daily job tasks. Now you have the security that when you will recover from injury, you don’t have to search for a new job. In the meantime, you can use medical insurance for health expenses. 

The FMLA is applicable to all the employees who are permanent employees of the company and have worked for about 54 days before the accident occurs. As stated earlier many big companies have established protocols to deal with these situations and they don’t leave their employees without support. But for a small company, you can also assure the owner about your value for them, so they won’t hire someone else.

How to Compensate for the loss during a Vehicle accident?

The most suitable ways of getting compensation for the damage that occurred to your vehicle is to get money from:

         Insurance company (in case your car is insured).

         From the opposite party whose negligence caused the accident (Make sure you are not the one responsible for the accident).

         From the company, you are working for (in case you were on a task assigned by the employer, or driving the company’s vehicle).

Getting Legal Advice

With laws and rules modified every day, you cannot fight your case independently. You need an expert to present your case and deal with the other party. A vehicle accident attorney has better knowledge of how can you get the maximum benefit from your loss and damage. 

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