The Main Advantages of Mountain Ridge Log Homes and Log Cabins

Have you ever dreamed of building a rustic log home? There is something cozy about timber houses that makes them more appealing than conventional brick homes. Besides providing homeowners with awe-inspiring views, log cabins are also believed to be amazingly long-lasting, eco-friendly, and peaceful.

These structures blend in perfectly with the surrounding nature, thus preserving the natural habit. Their solid construction enables them to withstand harsh weather conditions without being damaged. You will be enjoying the comfortable indoor temperature that adapts in accordance with the shift of seasons.

These are the main advantages of investing in a mountain timber house.

Excellent insulation

Log homes are famous for their excellent thermal insulation, thus being more energy-efficient than conventional homes. As a result, air condition is not required in the course of the summer period, which considerably reduces the cost of utility bills. These cabins provide homeowners with cool, indoor temperatures even during the most severe heat waves.

In terms of heating, owners of log cabins aren’t required to install costly heating systems due to the thermal insulation. Timber is known for its ability to accumulate warmth, which is later dispersed throughout the house. Timber houses get warm incredibly fast but they need significantly more time to cool down. Therefore, a wood-burning stove is more than enough to keep the cabin warm at sub-zero temperatures.

Moreover, wood has the ability to keep the indoor temperature comfortable all year round owing to its thermal mass. This quality enables the timber to accumulate energy for the purpose of being distributed inside the cabin. Click here to check out the best types of firewood for your wood stove or fireplace.

Incredible durability

Another advantage of building a log home is their amazing durability, as these wooden structures are capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions. Timber houses are significantly more long-lasting in comparison with brick homes owing to the numerous attributes of wood.

Furthermore, owners of log cabins have nothing to be worried about when leaving the cabin empty for extended periods throughout the year. Despite the harsh wind, heavy rain, and the abundance of snow, these timber houses won’t show significant signs of damage.

Being eco-friendly

Log homes are built with eco-friendly materials whose purpose is protecting the environment. The process of building a log house requires less energy than building a conventional home, as standard building materials need more energy to be manufactured. As a result, the emission of greenhouse gas is much lower in comparison with the CO2 emission that is caused by concrete production.

Additionally, concrete production is considered to be incredibly harmful to the environment, as the amount of produced concrete equals the amount of CO2 production. The more concrete builders produce the more they pollute the environment.

Therefore, an investment in a log cabin means reducing your carbon footprint. Also, some contractors even employ recycled wood in the construction of timber homes, striving to build an entirely environmentally friendly structure. The following link,, includes some useful tips about reducing your carbon footprint.

Greater coziness

Coziness is perhaps the greatest benefit of dwelling in a log home, as timber houses provide warmth that can’t be experienced in traditional houses. Each of these cabins has a distinct personality, which you determine prior to commencing the project. In case you are fond of tradition, a full scribe log home would be the perfect alternative for you, built of horizontally stacked logs.

Post and beam timber houses, on the other hand, are built with full logs, thus being a more cost-effective alternative. Additionally, timber frame cabins are suitable for homeowners looking for greater design flexibility and low maintenance. Regardless of the cabin type, future owners participate in the process of handpicking wood for the house. By selecting the type of wood, you are actually shaping the character of your future home.

Blend in with the landscape

When building timber homes, contractors take the surrounding nature into consideration in order to blend into the topography. Their ultimate goal is to preserve the local environment, which is most commonly stated in the mission of the construction company.

Contractors tend to leave old trees and streams intact, as these elements contribute to the breathtaking view and surrounding landscape. Owing to the stunning location, Mountain Ridge Log Homes are believed to provide owners with spectacular views and magnificent nature. Even if some trees get removed from the site during the construction process, contractors would later use them for making custom furniture.

Reduced noise

Timber cabins are known for providing homeowners with peace and quiet owing to the thermal mass, which has a soundproofing role. Wood has the ability to deflect sounds, thus preventing outdoor noise from entering the cabin.

These timber houses provide a retreat for people trying to escape the deafening noises in urban areas, which become overwhelming in time. You could either build a log home and move to a secluded location permanently or construct a timber cabin as a temporary sanctuary when feeling exhausted from urban life.

Provide high tech solutions

Most people are unwilling to invest in timber cabins in rural areas considering the lack of technological solutions in such places. However, these houses have gone through a technological revolution throughout the years, thus evolving from rugged to high-tech homes.

Nowadays, people have no concerns regarding power supply or safety in such cabins. Most of the homeowners invest in backup generators that provide electrical power in the case of a power outage as well as security systems that provide them with an enhanced feeling of safety. Also, there is a myriad of tech gadgets that could make your home incredibly smart. Visit this page for some helpful tips about building the smart house of your dreams.

Wrap up

Timber cabins provide incredible coziness, energy-efficiency, peace, and comfort.

These are the perfect solution for people looking to escape from urban areas.

Remember that it’s never late to fulfill your dream!

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