Upcoming Study abroad destinations for Indian students


When it comes to choosing study destinations for selecting various courses, a lot of new places come in your mind. Although it is pretty common to opt for destinations like the US, Canada or even Australia, there are certain uncommon destinations slowly and gradually giving a tough competition to the traditional ones.

Since the students are also unaware of the type of courses that must be taken up in these uncommon destinations, let us look at some of best upcoming study places that are about to steal the attention of lots of students worldwide:

  • South Korea-

Studying in South Korea might not necessarily look appealing to you in the beginning. Instead of being appalled, the country hosts numerous options for students in various sectors that cannot be found anywhere else. In order to study in South Korea, you must first hunt down the universities that are present in the country. Along with that, students must also assess the benefits offered along with the rest of the facilities. If the institutions of study match your sense of understanding, then search for some of the best studying courses. Although engineering is pretty common, some of the best-known courses that can be taken up can be fashion designing, technology, data science, etc.

  • Japan-

Japan is also on the list of some of the best upcoming study destinations. In short, the country is able to make all options clear for the students and also make it presentable in terms of opportunities. Japan might look like a tradition but the country has exponentially grown over the years and is able to host so many institutions of prominence. If you are planning to study in Japan, you must look at the institutions here and gain some knowledge about it. In addition to that, you must also look at the courses along with its relevance that can suitably help you in establishing a fruitful career ahead. Some of the most interesting options open to students are engineering, law, economics and even computer science. All of these are super strong courses that have amazing prospects.

  • The Philippines-

The Philippines might look really small in terms of its size but you might know that ‘good things come in small packages’. The same goes for this country, which can make all students, take up unique choices in terms of their own field of study. In addition to that, the country is super respectable in terms of its atmosphere and students can likely enjoy their courses here along with exploring various other facts. Some of the most important courses that really stand out in this small island country are MBBS, engineering, economics, social sciences, law, etc. There are varied institutions that can help you in your career establishment and therefore, your stay in the Philippines would be one of its own kinds!

  • Bulgaria-

Bulgaria is again a small country located in Europe. The place is known for its outstanding history and culture but very few people know about the fact that the place is slowly developing into an educational hub. The opportunities are increasing and are paving its own way to accommodate students from all over the world to come here and study. It is because of this boom that the educational institutions here have varied courses and students are made aware of the prospects of each one of the courses. Counseling session for students are also held online and you can book your own session and see for your own self which course would best suit you according to your own qualifications. If you are willing to go to Bulgaria to study, courses like law, aviation, hotel management, and event marketing are becoming quite popular.

Well, if you want to explore some new options and catch up with some amazing courses, then these destinations would certainly allow you to be on your feet. In addition to that, each of these places allows you to grow your career field in order to acknowledge the vast knowledge and exposure that is given. Therefore, it is time for you to step up and enjoy the facilities that are available in these places.




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