Unique Features of family Orbits



Family Orbits is considered as a family tracker and parental control app. The main purpose of this app is to monitor the phone of your children and keep them safe. Moreover, it is very easy to connect and you just need to combine it with a family locator. The family orbits are a great invention of technology and you can easily locate your family members all the time. It is the most convenient way to keep an eye on your teen’s mobile. It is a great app and you can even know how much data have been used and what they have shared with mobile. Moreover, the main aspect of the Orbit family is to keep the children safe.

It is fact that kids want freedom, as they get older. They want to explore the world and spend more time outside of the home. Taking care of their children is the natural thing of parents and they get worried in so many ways. Parents require a powerful tracker that tracks the child all the time. In this way, they can easily save their children from any danger and also help in any emergency.

Features of family Orbit 

Family Orbits a great parent controller app consist of so many powerful features such as:

A family locator with family GPS tracker ability 

This app consists of a GPS tracker that can help you track any member of the family. You can easily check where your kind is going. As well, you can also feel relaxed that your children are safe and sound. Moreover, you can also find a certain location where they have reached. I think it is the best way to get all the information about your teens and give them a secure path in life.

Monitor photos 

As you know social media has become very vast and in this era, it is much difficult to keep your children safe. Children love to take selfies and pictures and post them on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others. Orbit family consists of a monitor function that can show all the pictures they take. In this way, you can guide your children more appropriately. 

Monitor Data usage

It is essential to control the excessive use of mobile data because it rocketing phone bills. The parental control app also helps you to check the usage data of your family members. You’ll receive all the information on data usage daily monthly, weekly of all the mobile phones that are connected with this app. It’s an amazing thing that you can get from family orbit. 

Monitor address book and calendar

It is important to know about the friends of your kids, and with whom they hang out. With the help of the address book and calendar feature, you can easily check all the contact of your teens. As well as, you can also check the event reminders. 

View usage of phone 

A great feature of the family orbit is to give the information that which WIFI is connected with the phone. Moreover, it also gives information about battery usage, disk space as well as other system information. It is very beneficial to get all the data on connection usage.

Share parental control responsibility 

The amazing thing about the family orbit is to develop more than one adult accounts. In this way, the father and mother both can keep an eye on their teens. If your kids don’t allow to share the location and date, you can easily turn on the invisible button and check all details.

Cross-platform Capability

The family orbits app facilitates its users in so many ways. The most amazing thing is that it is compatible not only with iOS, or pads, it also works with smartphones. It doesn’t matter which device you have, you can easily get it and save your teens from doing bad. 




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