Online education is one of the many benefits of modern technology. These days, especially after COVID, people are increasingly interested in online courses to help them learn new skills in the ever-changing job market.

So, for people eager to learn online UFUTURE provides online learning content through their platform. While it’s comparatively new in the online learning platform industry, UFUTURE has some unique features that can help students learn effectively. So, if you plan to join UFUTURE today, here is all you need to know about this platform.



What is UFUTURE?

Before we know about UFUTURE, let’s briefly talk about UiTM (Universiti Teknologi MARA). It’s one of Malaysia’s oldest and largest technological universities, established in 1956. This university has one of the broadest ranges of disciplines available to enroll in.

So, UFUTURE was established to share the contents of these disciplines with students across Malaysia and the world. Offline attendance for learning often poses a massive challenge for many students. UFUTURE aims to remove that challenge

There are 5754 courses and 9375 instructors available on this online platform through different categories. Hundreds of thousands of students have benefited from this platform since it opened.

Features of UFUTURE

E-learning platforms are very familiar in the Malaysian education system and worldwide. So, what features is UFUTURE offering that separates it from the rest of the options? Here is a breakdown of UFUTURE features.

  • Maintaining the quality of learning and teaching is one of the biggest challenges of e-learning. The way people can teach or learn from physical interaction isn’t possible online. However, UFUTURE has changed that concept through its enhanced teaching and learning techniques.
  • Students often cannot adapt to the teaching style, which hampers their learning process. However, UFUTURE has the perfect course curriculum to meet student’s needs and learning styles.
  • Flexibility and accessibility are the critical advantages of e-learning. UFUTURE aims to take full advantage of these aspects to offer the utmost convenience and engage students in learning.
  • UFUTURE always tries to provide the absolute best experience for its students. Using a private cloud server to hose the platform is another way to ensure the best experience. This way, users can better utilize their resources and have better security and flexibility in learning.
  • If you have prior experience in the related field, UFUTURE brings good news for you. Through their APEL system, UFUTURE can document, identify and assess your experience to speed up your journey to graduation.
  • Online degrees are widely available n UFUTURE. The lectures only available in physical classes are now accessible on this platform. You can also learn better through interaction with teachers and students.

Types of courses at UFUTURE

Courses at UFUTURE

UFUTURE has different types of courses to provide the student with options. Each course offers a different curriculum and materials to suit students’ needs. Here are the 4 types of courses you can enroll in on UFUTURE.

  • UiTM Courses: These courses are specifically for UiTM’s part-time or permanent students. Students can access the material of the programs from this platform and learn without physical interaction.
  • UiTM MOOC: MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are open for all with infinite numbers of participants. These courses are taught through videos and assignments graded automatically or by peers. There are several categories of MOOCs.
  • Micro-Credential Courses: These courses are smaller than regular or MOOC. If you are one of these people looking to develop a skill in a particular subject, these courses are for you.
  • Short Courses: Short courses are for students interested in a different topic. On the platform, these short courses are made available and open for registration. You can learn about various topics here.

Final Words

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my article about UFUTURE has given you enough insight to help you decide whether you should join the platform. Though e-learning is not new, people are adapting it freshly than before. In that regard, UFUTURE can bring a lot to the table and provide a better, more engaging, and wide variety of course options for the student. Still, whatever UFUTRE has made available till now is no short of a miracle and a great way for e-learners to develop their knowledge.




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