Healthcare networks worldwide have brought a revolution to provide quality healthcare in all aspects of life. Moreover, these networks also benefit everyone involved, including patients and medical professionals. PCNOK is one such network based in Oklahoma, USA, aiming to provide advanced and innovative healthcare. In the discussion below, we will discuss everything you need to know about PCNOK.



What’s PCNOK?

PCNOK stands for Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. Primarily, the network began in 2014 with the primary objective of improving Oklahoma’s healthcare scenario. It’s a non-profit healthcare network and an organization to offer medical care.

Whether it’s a chronic disease, elderly health care, or rehabilitation, PCNOK has branched out in these sectors. The network connects the local organizations working with medical care and provides better service. For example, while primary care is a medical service, patients can also benefit from mental health or vision programs.

How PCNOK works?

The popularity and effectiveness of PCNOK lie in how this organization functions. The best part about its service is that it covers almost every field available in medical science. In addition, PCNOK uses modern technology and the internet to make health care available in the comfort of your home through digital mediums.

Whether it’s cancer, diabetes, heart problems, or any other issues, you can discuss your issues right on their website and get a solution from there. Whether you have a chronic illness or are just busy visiting doctors for checkups, you can get treated with the technology at PCNOK. Any organization working on healthcare in Oklahoma can join PCNOK to offer their service to a broader patient base.

What makes PCNOK different?

PCNOK’S main objective is to provide the best health care. However, it tries to achieve the goal through coordination, participation of both sides, and modern technology, making PCNOK different.

PCNOK is not just about getting healthcare. As a patient, you’ll get a massive library of resources to help you stay healthy and fit with diet plans and exercise routines. As a patient, you can also give back by participating in studies to improve health care and its access.

As I said earlier, PCKNOK is about the involvement of patients and medical professionals. How? Well, new doctors are trained by PCNOK to connect more with the patient and provide better health care.

PCNOK always tries to provide the best facilities and electronic mediums for doctors. So, various electronic tools, including digital record libraries, e-prescribing, and telemedicine services, are available to provide medical care. These tools can help medical professionals stay constantly connected and offer advice synced with previous doctors and records.

Benefits of using PCNOK

PCNOK brings a lot of advantages for both patients and medical professionals to the table. So, if you are still not convinced enough, here are some benefits that should convince you.

  • Total healthcare: There are several misconceptions about PCNOk like it’s a telemedicine service or covers certain services. However, PCNOK can cover every aspect of your medical care with its comprehensive range of services. This type of total health is under one network and is super helpful for patients with multiple health issues.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: If you ask around Oklahoma, you’ll know just how reliable and popular PCNOK is. The reason behind this popularity is customer satisfaction. Moreover, PCNOK makes it super convenient for doctors to offer their service. So, both doctors and patients can get satisfied with this service.
  • Affordable fee: Medical service costs are a huge burden for most people in the US. However, PCNOK has done a great job of bringing that cost down regardless of your medical condition or location. With over 70 offices at various locations, PCNOK has been successfully offering affordable health care. So no matter what type of service you are looking for, PCNOK won’t break the bank.
  • Financial help: Aside from the lower cost, PCNOK works closely to help local healthcare providers with financial help. This way, these providers can steadily improve their service. PCNOK also encourages mutual understanding between hospitals and doctors to reduce medical bills. Even patients with lower incomes can get discounts with proof of income.
  • Accessibility: Access to a doctor is often quite challenging for various reasons. If the patient is old, the weather is terrible, or you live in an odd location, every issue can be solved by using the PCNOK network. You’ll need a smart device and a stable internet connection to access the network. You will have the best medical care possible without setting a single foot out of the house.
  • Easy to use: Often, getting health care gets trickier for patients with less knowledge about the medical sector. But thanks to PCNOK, they have made the process quite simple on their website. The website interface is super easy to understand, with a search bar to find your desired service. The network also preserves medical data so that you can log into the network and check the health of your loved ones.

Social impact of PCNOK

As we mentioned earlier, PCNOK has revolutionized the medical care industry in the USA. Of course, the concept of telemedicine was there, but how PCNOK integrated modern technology and advancement into the online medical care field is awe-inspiring.

Today, the people of Oklahoma don’t have to worry about affordable healthcare or location, thanks to PCNOK. Not only does it offer the best service, it integrates services like mental health to their medical care to offer a better health acre and promote a healthy lifestyle.

PCNOK now has many medical organizations working under the same banner. The benefit of these joint ventures is good for the patients as they can now choose their desired service from the desired medical professional.

Good health allows an individual to reach his full potential and contribute more to society. So, in a way, PCNOK is also contributing by helping to maintain good health.

Member Organizations

See a full list of PCNOK members

Full list of PCNOK members

How to join PCNOK

Now that you know all about the benefits PCNOK has to offer, you are probably thinking about joining the network by now. In that case, the network also made the joining process easy for everyone. First, you have to visit their website and open an account. Then, upon opening the account, you must sign up as a member.

There are two types of membership PCNOK offers, free and paid membership. While free membership offers a decent amount of features, benefits, and resources, paid membership gives you access to extra features.

You can also join as an advertiser or an author. As advertised, you can post ads on their site and make money from them. As an author, your job will be to post health and medical-related posts, which will be published on the PCNOK website.

Final Words

That’s a wrap for today. We hope this article about PCNOK will help you get a better insight into this organization. Whether you are a medical professional or a patient looking to join a healthcare network, PCNOK can benefit both of these types of persons. This organization’s outstanding reputation puts it above competitors to provide the most affordable yet quality medical service.

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