Types of HIV Testing

HIV Testing

Having multiple sexual partners and not practicing safe sex can bring immense danger to a person’s health. A disease called human immunodeficiency virus or HIV can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. The virus is the cause of AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. A person that is infected with HIV and remains undiagnosed continues to spread the disease to other people they come in contact—may it be through unprotected sex or even just with contact of blood or certain body fluids. 

There are different ways available for you to get tested for HIV in Singapore. These tests include the HIV antibody test (blood test), the Rapid HIV test (oral saliva or finger prick test), the 4th Generation HIV P24 Antigen and Antibody test (finger prick test), and the HIV RNA/DNA PCR test (blood test). If you do not wish to go through the agony of waiting whether you have the virus or not, you can opt to take the 3rd Generation Rapid HIV Antibody test or the 4th Generation HIV p24 Antigen and Antibody test. These tests can produce results in 20 minutes.

HIV can infect anyone, young or old. In 2016 alone, about 40,000 fresh HIV cases were recorded. Some of those who have tested positive were not aware that they have been infected by the virus. Choosing to get tested can help you and your loved ones be safe from acquiring the virus. The earlier that it is detected and diagnosed, the better. Delaying HIV treatment can further damage your immune system and increase your risk of developing AIDS. You can get a HIV test at DB Clinic.

Men’s Sexual Wellbeing

Sexual issues are normally common among men and have severe risk on their aspect of life. Among guys, sexual dysfunction is a issue which combines three or more of sex conditions: absence of passionate craving, sex reluctance and loss of sex enjoyment and E.D.  Sexually defect is a clinical diagnosis when sexually problems that are continuous. When these cause impactful self discomfort, and not wholly transitory fluctuations in sexually performance. In this article, let’s utilize the phrase sexual illnesses to indicate a range of sexual illnesses expressed by guys that will reduce their sexually satisfaction.

Intercourse is an important part of life. For countless men, fantasizing about intimacy during teenhood, unexpectedly ahead of teens, and remains until their final days

Sex act is just other hormone forced sensual behavior created to keep alive nature. Moreover, it’s a pleasant business. It also helps connect the partnerships among people.

Sexual well-being relates to a condition of contentment that grants individuals wholly cooperate in and fancy sexual intimacy. A series of other reasons affects male’s sexual health.

Optimal boy sexual wellbeing comprises sexual desire and capability to come by a boner. Although anatomy can influence both need for love-making and the capacity to have sex act, mindsets also presents influential parts.

Male sexual well-being is not only the problem. ED is also incapacity to get a hard-on or to maintain it long enough for intercourse. Various things induce ED, for example cholesterol-clogged arteries and countless other conditions. In fact, it’s usual a starting signal for heart illness. E.D. can be healed with treatments. Guys experience problems linked to slow ejaculation, or failure to feel crest upon ejaculation.

Men sexual health integrates the hindrance and assessment of sexually convened problems and the cure of infertility.

Men’s impotence, a subject that is infrequently mentioned. Though, physicians see a rise in the number of male patients visiting to sexual health medical centres to ask for medical advice nowadays. Medics see that many sex wellbeing illnesses are being said by males which were not prevalent before, stating more perception reporting male sexual well-being.

Many male sexual wellbeing concerns

Scientific Experts accrued enormous statistics of 2200 publics who were continually checked by a sexual medicine expert about 2005 to 2015. The researchers identified that 814 persons were examined for erectile dysfunction, 344 subjects were identified for arched penis, 322 patients had too early climax, 196 endured little sexual desire and the remaining had multiple sexual problems.

In this investigation, the researchers realised that majority men were assessed with ED and early orgasm. However, lately males are detected with low sex need.

With effective therapy options for erectile dysfunction e.g. Cialis, men have been showing about different sex problems as well.

Cap-Score: Standard for quality of sperm

Male infertility is major truth behind the expanding figures of IVF instances throughout the countries. Past check-ups such as semen analysis, were done to seek out the peculiarity of semen to inseminate. But, because the absence of correct symptomatic evaluation for assessing the composting ability of men, more of impotence issues get named as unexplained.

In a well-known research on internet, searchers from different schools in Singapore set CS to test sperm capacitation.

Sperm capacitation, an instinctive method, moves its form to be possible to penetrate the woman’s egg. The Cap Score (CS identifies the percentage of sperm which faces capacitation in certain time. Mostly, 30% of sperm would face this.

In this test, searchers took sperms from 280 publics and studied their capacity to breed with aid of regular sperm examination. Out of these patients, 126 pairs got pregnant after 3 cycles of placing sperm inside a girl.

The experts realised that couples with stronger Cap Score(CS will enrich earnestly.

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