Top 5 Best House Cleaning Services in Miami, FL


Cleanliness in a living room allows to maintain a healthy microclimate, comfort and create a positive emotional atmosphere in the house. The cleanliness of all surfaces in the office is important for the effective work of employees. It helps to preserve the image of the company, and also creates conditions for new ideas. Regular cleanliness is the key to human health and quality of life.

Cleaning of the house is not always possible due to the lack of desire and free time. Commercial and office premises have a large area and only special staff should be hired for its cleaning. In both cases, it is better to give preference to a cleaning company that will solve this issue on a professional level. It will take commitment and free up your time for more important business.

How to choose a proper company and not make a mistake? First of all, it is necessary to give priority to those who provide a range of services, including washing facades, roofs, and outer parts of windows. It will help to get rid of the need to contact several contractors.

The choice of the cleaning company should be done according to the following criteria:

  1. Equipment and quality detergents. Professional cleaning equipment with environmentally friendly detergents should be used and they must have certificates that prove it.
  2. Reliability and experience. Companies that have been in the market for a long time are trying to maintain their reputation against emerging competitors. Their wide experience is the key to high-quality service.
  3. Qualification of employees. A good company employs professionals or provides training for its employees. Staff should be experienced in modern technologies, they must know what detergents to use for different surfaces and also wear special uniform.
  4. Recommendations. You will always hear only positive reviews about market leaders not only on the Internet but also from those who have already used their services.
  5. Cost. Quality cleaning services cannot be cheap. Excessively high prices are often unreasonable. As a rule, stable and responsible companies work within the mid-price range.

Immediately evaluate preferred company by the way it pays attention to small nuances. Professional companies always keep everything clean, including delicate surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.

TOP 5 market leaders

Our list includes time-tested companies that have been on the market for a long time and have an impeccable reputation:

  • Shen;
  • The Maids;
  • Molly Maid;
  • Merry Maids;
  • Jan-Pro.

All companies have highly qualified employees and an appropriate base of modern equipment, which allows them to perform high-quality services and maintain a strong leadership position.

Shen Cleaning

The leader is Shen company. It began to work in 2006 and today serves more than 500 facilities. The company provides complex services for all types of real estate. (Commercial and house cleaning services) Quality cleaning is carried out on the basis of:

  • systematic approach;
  • individual solutions;
  • innovative technologies.

The company was awarded the honorary title of “Leader of the Year” for several years in a row. According to the national business rating, it deserved the highest praises and recommendations. The company continues to develop and improve its capabilities, regularly increasing the level of service.

The company’s services include not only cleaning. It offers disinfection solutions for companies. It helps equip premises with high-tech protective products and provides specially trained staff for their maintenance.

The Maids

The Maids is in second place, which is represented in 90 major cities in the United States and Canada. It was founded in 1979. It was originally different from other companies by an excellent approach to business, which was based on deep cleaning and teamwork. The company quickly entered the national level. Each employee of the company was trained in its basic principles:

  • thoroughly wipe the dust;
  • clean the kitchen and the bathroom perfectly;
  • use vacuum.

Safe detergents have been used in their work since 1995. The company employees developed a deep cleaning system, which brought cleaning to a new level of quality. Today, the company continues to find the best ways to service and impeccably fulfill its obligations to customers.

Molly maid

Molly Maid is in third place in TOP best cleaning companies. The founder of the company offered a new house cleaning system for American homeowners that he had already tested in Canada in 1984. The new service was fully appreciated and paved the way for further development of the company. Today it provides about 1.5 million services per year in various states.

Cleaning is carried out by professionally trained employees according to a convenient schedule for customers. The company is ready to send employees for cleaning the houses at any time of the day. Its success was appreciated in 2013 when the founder of the company joined the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

Merry maids

Merry Maids continues our rating. This company provides impeccable cleaning services for residential buildings. The company knows well the needs of customers and therefore offers only the best solutions.

The range of services includes an individual cleaning program for each client. The company adheres to the rule – there is only an individual approach that can work for each house. The cleaning program is developed by taking into account the client’s budget and lifestyle.

The company offers:

  • daily or general cleaning;
  • special house cleaning;
  • help in moving.

The company instantly responds to applications and is ready to send specialists promptly to the facility at any time.


Jan-Pro closes the rating of 5 best companies. It was founded in 1991. The company was quickly able to conquer the market leaders thanks to a thorough approach to solving complex cleaning tasks in residential buildings. It offers innovative and safe solutions that are based on the use of high-tech equipment and high-quality detergents.

The company takes care of its image and therefore establishes close contact with the client on the basis of a detailed agreement. The company absolutely fulfills all its obligations. Jan Pro offers first-class cleaning service for:

  • houses;
  • car dealerships;
  • banks;
  • schools;
  • offices;
  • gyms;
  • other premises.

The main focus of the company is on the use of environmentally friendly detergents that do not contain harmful substances. It allows to carry out the cleaning in the houses with children, pets.

Only those who managed to show a decent quality of services for many years were included in the list of TOP-5 cleaning companies. Such companies set the bar for quality and force others to strive for such a level of service.




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