Top Reasons to Focus on SEO in 2020


SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization that helps in the process of optimizing a particular website to let people find it quickly and easily through multiple search engines. Its visibility is calculated using different data sources that depend upon dynamic keyword sets. These keywords define and comprise ideas and topics that define what the content is about, and they can be found out using tools like WMS SERP API.

Optimization of your pages for SEO is going to be the need of the coming generation as organic search has risen over all other search engine traffics. It helps to comprehend user intent and then helps to build content that addresses and captures those intentions. It helps to build a digital word of mouth and generate relevant, useful, and informative pieces of information that people generally want to share.

Read more to know 5 great reasons to focus on your SEO these coming years.

No need to pay for advertising anymore

With SEO, you can easily drive traffic towards your content without having to pay extra money for advertising. Once you have created a page that can be directed to users via search engines, then this page is capable of attracting traffic for months and years after you publish it. Investment is still needed when it comes to taking that extra effort of researching and creating high-quality content.

It depends on you whether the investment is in terms of money if you hire an agency or time if you do it yourself. Once this investment is made, there is no further cost needed to boost your content.

You can still update the page whenever required to relate to the nature of your topic. If your competitors decide to target the same keywords, then you can make changes and additions to the content to improvise.

Generates more clicks than PPC

Almost 71 percent of search results are driven towards organic content on the very first page even though PPC ads appear above the organic ones. This is because users nowadays know which spots the advertisers are paying for. Hence they opt for the organic content that the Google search engine provides for them.

But still, this information is not verified completely and hence cannot be said to be completely true, but the fact is that organic searches do receive more clicks than paid ones.

Helps in PR

Though SEO and PR are completely two different fields of strategies, they can always be used in maximization of your profit from each. Link building is the biggest connection between the two of them. The main component of any Search Engine strategy is earning links from reputable websites. The biggest task is to identify opportunities to place the coverage on industry blogs, news publications, and other relevant sites.

When a person uses link building strategy/ research to use new ways to get the brand in front of the customers, it will prove much more effective in the distribution of content towards potential clients and consumers.

This presents a huge opportunity considering that the strategy for PR revolves around prominent publications and influencers talking about the company.

Helps to be ahead in the race

Today, SEO is given importance on a great level. Improving their SEO and online presence is every marketer’s top priority. This indicates that the competitors have already been taking steps to establish high rankings in search results. Creating an SEO strategy of your own will help you to ideally move ahead of your competitors within the industry.

Also, staying in the lead always is a task and takes a lot of investment. But this initial investment could prove to be a lot more worthy than spending revenue on paid advertisements.

Targets quality traffic

One of the top benefits of having search engine optimization is that it is an inbound marketing strategy. This inbound method helps the customers to reach you easily when they want to find relevant information, unlike the traditional outbound advertising strategies, which reach out to their customers despite whether the consumers want it or not. This strategy might seem a little annoying to them and does not serve its purpose most of the time.

Thus, SEO helps the researchers to find you on their own whenever they wish to search for or get information and learn more about their options on their desired topics. This not only proves to be more convenient for the customers but helps to generate qualified leads for your business.

When you attract such users to attract your definite target audience in the most effective way.

Also, this increases the chances to convert your leads into sales while your customers are already planning to make a purchase.


SEO presents the wealth of benefits that no other digital marketing strategy can provide at its best. The right strategy will help you get ahead of your competitors and help you in growing the business stronger than ever. That’s why an SEO analyst is needed.

Having a solid understanding of this field is equally important to establish a strong base before you need to make any changes.




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